CBEH209 – Consumer Behaviour

Posted on October 12, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Unit Learning Outcomes addressed:

1)Understand the concepts in consumer behaviour in relation to products/services
2)Explain about the consumer behaviour theories
3)Analyse the consumer behaviour purchasing process
4)Differentiate the psychological and social factors influencing consumer behaviour;
5)Apply the factors influencing consumer behaviour on the decision making processDifferentiate

Assessment Task:

Students will be required to write a report on segmentation and consumption


The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age in February identified the 7 political tribes as follows:

Activist egalitarian

Progressive cosmopolitan

Ambitious saver

Prudential traditionalist

Lavish mod-con

Anti-establishment firebrand

Disillusioned pessimist

Task: Based on your understanding of market segmentation, you are to write which group would be a) the most likely buyers and b) the least likely buyers of the products and services below. You are to provide reasons to support your answers.

a) Purchasing an imported small car like the Austin Mini Cooper

b) Going to the local café for your regular coffee and breakfast

c) Joining a gym and fitness centre

d) Buying beer from the local bottle shop and watching footie at home

e) Ordering food online through providers like Menulog, Panda Food e.t.c.

f) Installing renewable energy like solar panels in their houses

g) Buying homeware products at DIY (Do It Yourself) hardware stores like Bunnings

h) Shopping at Big W

i) Eating at fast food restaurants like Madonald and K.F.C

j) Playing poker machines at our local RSL or League’s club on a regular basis.

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