COURSE BN710 Preparing for Registration: Promoting Practice Improvement and Lifelong Learning

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COURSE BN710 Preparing for Registration: Promoting Practice Improvement and Lifelong Learning

PROGRAMME: Bachelor of Nursing

Instructions for submitting your assessment:

  • Submit on the BN710710 Moodle assessment drop box prior to the assessment deadline
  • Use .doc or .pdf format – NOT doc.x
  • Ensure your ID number is printed on each page.
  • Submit a signed declaration stating the work is your own.

Learning Outcomes being assessed:

This assessment will assess the following learning outcomes and will contribute 60% to your final grade:

  1. Apply the research process and the collection of evidence to improve nursing practice
  2. Critically discuss professional, legal and ethical nursing responsibilities and maintenance of nursing competence
  3. Evaluate the effect of leadership, management and the workplace culture on the promotion of best practice


Prepare an essay that addressed the tasks outlined in the assessment outline:

  • Adhere to academic essay writing conventions, and NET presentation guidelines.
  • Use health professional literature to support your discussion in all tasks
  • Reference your sources using APA 7th edition
  • Refer to the Assessment 2 Rubric for additional information to guide the development of your discussion in each task

The essay must not exceed the word limit of 2500 words (+/- 10%).

Essay Outline
Tasks   Marks
1 ·         Identify an issue you have encountered in clinical practice that a Registered Nurse could reasonably review and improve and which would lead to an improvement in nursing care of health consumers.

·         Identify current practice related to this issue

·         Construct a PICO question related to your identified issue, to assist you to search for relevant research

2 ·         Review two (2) research based articles related to your selected issue

·         State your rationale for why you believe this is relevant evidence based practice to address the clinical issue you have described in task 1.

·         Include discussion relating to the methodology, rigour, validity and generalisability of the research you have selected

3 ·         Make two (2) nursing recommendations based on your selected research,  related to the issue you have identified from your practice setting that, if implemented, would reflect current best practice and improved nursing care of health consumers 20
4 ·         Evaluate the effect of leadership and management and the workplace culture on the process of introducing these recommendations to nursing practice related to your identified issue.  


5 ·         Discuss why it is important in nursing practice for RN’s to actively engage with nursing research to ensure they are demonstrating competent and evidence based practice. Use the dimensions of professional, ethical, legal nursing practice to frame your discussion.  


  ·         Present your work in a scholarly format with  appropriate referencing 5
Total Maximum Marks 100
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