Descriptive paragraph

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Descriptive paragraph

My Apartment: I live in a studio apartment which is situated on the third floor of the flats. With a square storey plan, the flat has a relatively simple look. however, it is appointed with all the services of present-day urban life. The area has been innovatively mapped out in the same way that a premium car is designed.  Each feature of the house- plan of the floor, erection, the style of the decoration, functionality, et cetera seems to be well thought out.

BUS5IAF Introduction to Accounting and Finance


Yesterday evening on the eve of the day, I got home from college. I found out that my mother had already prepared the dinner, which we ate immediately after my Dad came home from work. After taking dinner, I aided my mother in clearing the table and doing the dishes as my mother’s norm, who usually says that no turn on the TV until I am done with my chemistry assignment is done. I finally got my homework done,  so I went into the family room and turned on the TV. My phone rang while watching the American Idol movie. The call was from my best friend, Wilkister. We talked for a few minutes, and then it was time to take a rest. I wore my Pajamas and turned on my all-time favourite CD. Although the movie did end, I finally started to get asleep at around 10:30. well, The next thing is that my mother woke me up to get ready for college.

Expository paragraph

Many people usually take things day in day out from their jobs, although it is not considered to be stealing. Pens and Pencils are the most items to disappear that the workers unconscious;y stuff into their pockets and purses. With time, they end up accumulating a lot of them. Other examples of oversized items are notepads, pads of lined paper, and file folders. Finally, taking home the samples of the organization’s products is the most important way that workers steal from their bosses. Workers usually feel that they are qualified for such kinds of products and even give them trends.  These instances tend not to be stealing, but the outputs are the same, which are other costs to the organization leading to low pay raises.

HI6006 Competitive Strategy Individual Assignment

Persuasive paragraph:

In this country, public education is no longer the most critical concern. In its present condition, only 3% of the tax dollars go to the institutions of learning. We need to find a means through which this budget can be increased if we have the expectations to see any real advancement in our education system.

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