EDU20001 Assignment 2: Digital Presentation

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MG926 Managing People in Organisations

ICT Digital presentation: The presentation will involve a digital/multimodal presentation using and including Information Communication Technology (ICT) with a lesson plan, which includes ICT as a skill/focus within a Curriculum area Primary – Secondary.

Purpose of the assignment: To engage pre-service teachers in creating a digital presentation to develop skills in using ICT and planning for teaching. This task incorporates elements of the ICT Capability and lesson planning.

This assignment is in two parts:
1. Lesson Plan and rationale NO more than two pages for the lesson plan (not including resources).
a. Using the lesson plan format devise/modify a lesson plan for a year level using one learning area (Australian Curriculum, NSW Syllabus or QLD). The lesson plan will also need to include an ICT and an assessment task.
b. Write a rationale word explaining the reason/purpose for teaching the lesson.
2. Digital Presentation
Present a digital presentation of the lesson plan using an online presentation tool (see below for suggested list).
The presentation will need to be accessible online and include the following:
 5-10 slides or pages of a digital presentation/website/resource
 The lesson plan (using the format provided)
 An explanation of the ICT activity
 An explanation of the assessment task
 Resources and reference list
 Images/layout and or sound which may enhance the presentation
Professional writing: attention to detail of English usage and presentation
Write with clarity and accuracy, demonstrating appropriate and professional written communication skills, including APA 6th referencing.

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