EDUC 223 Educational Psychology

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SSC120 Dimensions of Health and Social Care

Cultural differences as a barrier to equitable learning: Strategies for solution in Aotearoa New Zealand

Task:  Aotearoa New Zealand comprises people from several cultural groups and backgrounds. Although in principle cultural diversity is celebrated there is cause for concern when scholastic outcomes are variably associated with specific racial-ethnic and cultural groups, disadvantaging some groups and advantaging others.  How do misunderstandings about cultural difference pose=barriers to equal opportunity for learning? Name some ways, and give examples placed in specific contexts, including Aotearoa New Zealand.

The primary aims of the assignment are to identify each of the main cultural groups in Aotearoa New Zealand (gender can be included as a cultural group), summarise how scholastic outcomes have been demonstrated for each of these groups, suggest why any differences in outcome might be so, and suggest (with reference to key literature) solutions that will improve student learning equity. Specifically, what are some strategies/pedagogical approaches that have been employed to enable culturally responsive teaching and learning in Aotearoa
New Zealand?

Credit: This essay is worth 50% of your final grade and should be around 2500 words double-spaced. However, I am more interested in quality than quantity.

Requirements:  Your essay should be in 12-point font (TNR), or 11-point font

(Arial or Calibri) double-spaced.

The essay will contain:

  • A title page (Title of essay, your name and ID, Course).
  • An introduction that summarises your notes, identifying briefly the background to inequity of scholastic outcome in general world-wide, and specifically, in the multi-cultural context of Aotearoa New Zealand. What are the main cultural groups that will be discussed? Briefly, has inequity of opportunity and outcome been evident for any? The major ideas resulting from your notes should be clearly identified. (200 words)
  • The main body of the essay, in which differences in scholastic outcome between cultural groups are expanded on, and full explanations of why this should be so are given. You will need to refer to literature that informs scholastic achievement in New Zealand by racial-ethnic and cultural groups. (1500 words)
  • Further, referring also to a wider range of literature, offer solutions to any inequitable scholastic experiences that students from specific cultural groups might have.  (300 words).
  • Conclusion: The aim of the assignment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of equity as regards the several main cultural groups represented in Aotearoa New Zealand, and solutions that may ameliorate any inequity that exists scholastically.

Reference: APA 7 th style

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