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MG926 Managing People in Organisations

Background Information

Communication is an integral part of business conduct as it allows all stakeholders to understand what the business is about. Internally, people need to understand how they fit in and what is expected of them. Whilst externally, it helps to educate people on how the business (or products/services) may fit into their life.

This assignment

You are required to write an essay on:
“Contemporary issues in professional business communication.”

Research, discuss and explain the fundamental opportunities and challenges that this creates for modern businesses.
For the purposes of this assignment you should also choose one core business as a case study and provide relevant examples to support your thinking and analysis.

Maximum length 2500 words.


This assignment has been designed to assess your academic writing, therefore, you should focus on essay writing.

Research will be required on this assignment, and it is important to demonstrate the ability to reference (Harvard Reference system) where information sources have been used.

To achieve higher grades, you must demonstrate the ability to use compelling arguments whilst making the reading both visually pleasing and interesting.


You should get to the point and avoid wordy repetitions (i.e. be succinct and clear). Any source references used in the essay must be appropriately referenced (Harvard system).

However, try to avoid copying or stringing together lengthy quotes leaving little said in your own words. Finally, it is extremely

important that you are familiar with the institution’s policy on plagiarism that is included in the unit outline.

Assessment Guidelines
• Quality of Written Communication (4 marks)
(Clear, Logical, Concise)
• Quality of Content (4 marks)
(Demonstration of topic depth and knowledge)
• Use of Relevant Research, Theory and Content (4 marks)
• Format – Presentation, Spelling, Grammar, Layout (4 marks)

  • Spaces – 1.5

• Appropriate Referencing (4 marks) Harvard style referencing. 8-9 referencing compulsory.

  • Number the pages
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