Gathering Information

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Gathering Information

Assessment task 7.2 – Gathering information

You may feel comfortable with some methods of collecting information, such as browsing the Internet, but you may need more practice in interviewing and developing questionnaires. Whichever methods or tools you use to collect information, keep a record as you go. Do not gather any information not relevant to the brief provided by the organisation. Information must relate to research objectives or you'll overload the record system.

Practice collecting information by doing each of the tasks below. Using Microsoft Word write a brief description of how you went about locating the information and answer the questions. Once you have completed the report, upload it into Moodle for marking. Please use complete sentences; checking grammar, punctuation and spelling.

  • Find the Internet site for the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and within this site find the Information Sheet on Copying from the Internet.

Question: When might you infringe copyright if you copy from the Internet?

  • Go to a library and use the catalogue to locate the book, For the Term of his Natural Life by Marcus Clarke.

Question: When was this book first published?

  • Look for any historical information in your workplace records. If you are not in a workplace, see if you can find information about when the National Trust of Australia was formed.
  • Contact your local council and find out what permits you would need to run a business from your home.
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