Health Issues in Haiti & USA

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International Business Sample 2

The study is to examine how HAITI & USA are addressing these health issues, individually and collectively, by identifying relevant health policies and programmes;


  • How are the countries addressing the health issues
  • Within the country and as a region
  • Identify health policies and programmes for the health issues
  • There ought to be significant differences between the countries in many respects, but you should also expect to establish some common health policies, i.e., end poverty (Sustainable Development Goal No. 1).
  • What is the difference between the Health policies in HAITI and USA?
  • What are the common health policies between the 2 countries?

For references to pass you MUST use 4 peer reviewed journal articles and other credible sources including WHO reports and government reports. WITH JOURNAL ARTICLES MAKE SURE THAT HOW AND WHEN YOU ACCESSED IT IS INCLUDED IN THE REFERENCE


The study will then identify any social, economic and cultural barriers that impact on the success of the health policies and programmes. These could include language, religion, economics, caste, migration, political movements, human rights and globalised factors, such as UN Conventions, trade agreements and international conflicts.

Research on this

  • Social, economic and cultural Barriers
  • The above will identify the impact the barriers have on the health policies
  • Suggest solutions to overcome, or mitigate, the effects of these barriers to health, for the governments and people in the specified region.
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