Health Systems Policy & Financing – Group assignment

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The Task

The group assignment consists of a group analysis of a health system.

You should provide an analysis of a health system of your choice using the Health Systems Analysis Framework (as well as supporting tables/mapping tools) discussed in class and included in annex 1.

You are expected to undertake an analysis and provide a summary of:

  1. Key contextual factors impacting on the health system, the opportunities and the threats these generate for the system
  2. A positioning map of the key factors in terms of the degree of impact and the estimated time period within which these will impact on the health system
  3. Analysis of the health system in terms of performance (goals and objectives [i.e. how is the country doing in relation to peers])
  4. Analysis of health system organisation
  5. Analysis of health system financing (financial design)
  6. Analysis of resource allocation and provider payment systems
  7. Analysis of health service delivery (e.g. who provides services, quality, use of evidence based guidelines)
  8. Your recommendations on what could be done (in terms of modifying a lever) to address a threat you have identified.


Groups should design a poster to display their findings and submit a 10 minute video or audio file:

• Poster design guidance can be found below
• The audio/video should add a narrative to the poster, in much the same way as
intended by a physical presentation.
• The quality of the media piece is not assessed as such. We are not expecting a
multimedia masterpiece!
• It is the group’s discretion as to who records or is featured in the video/audio and it is
not a requirement for all members to feature
• The video/audio may, in addition to the poster, be supported by PowerPoint slides

Posters, media and supporting documents should be submitted via the Insendi assessment area by 4pm, Friday 24 March.

Any referencing should follow the Harvard or Vancouver method and be complete.
Incomplete or inadequate referencing will result in loss of marks.

Coursework samples
On Insendi you will find a good poster example (Switzerland) from a previous year.

Choosing your country
Countries must be chosen by the end of the first week of the module. You can choose any country except Switzerland.

How to construct a poster

  1. The poster size should be A0 (dimensions 1189mm x 841mm).
  2. Each poster should include the title of the presentation in large letters, the name of the group and the author names.
  3. Font size:
    Title: 72 font
    Name of syndicate group and authors: 48 font
    Regular text: 16-18 or larger font
  4. Supporting materials relative to the poster presentation are popular and encouraged.

Some more hints

  • Draw a rough sketch of your poster first. You may find it helpful to use graph paper and small pieces of paper (post-it notes cut to size) to better visualise where the components of your poster will go.
  • When in doubt, edit out – crowded cluttered posters are difficult to read and are often disregarded. Remember; make sure every item on your poster is necessary. Your poster should stimulate discussion, not give a long presentation.
  • When composing your poster, use blank space to highlight or offset information. Place related materials (e.g. photo with accompanying text) close together, and then offset it by surrounding it with blank space.
  • Space your information proportionally. A good way is to divide your poster either horizontally or vertically into three or four sections and place your materials within those sections.
  • When choosing a background to frame the components of your poster, remember that neutral colours will be easier on the eyes than a bright colour. Dark backgrounds will make a dark photo seem brighter and vice versa. Colour photographs look best when mounted on a neutral backing.
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