HR Management and Organisation Design

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Unit 7.3 Strategic Resource Management

Assessment Topic – Consultancy report – redesigning human resource management and organisational design

Assessment Guidelines – Select a German organization with over 100 employees. Assume you have been hired as an external consultant. Collect as much information as you can relating to human resource management and organisational design, inc. organisation strategy, internal environment, external environment, employee engagement, organisational culture, and generally both structural and contextual dimensions.
Write a consultancy report with your recommendations about the
organisational redesign, 2500 words. Note the reasons, risks and potential benefits associated with your recommendations. An example of a structure you can follow is:
Ø Strategic mission and goals of the client organisation
Ø Strategic gap related to client’s current Human Resource Management
and organisation design
Ø Strategic goals of recommended HRM and organisation redesign
Ø Recommendations
Ø Risks associated with your recondensation’s for HRM and organisational

Purpose – Organizations lack knowledge of state-of-the-art concepts in human
resource management and organizational development. International
corporate environments are increasingly dynamic; thus, understanding
change and appropriate management becomes a prerequisite for future
The assignment will strengthen students’ personal and social competencies,
preparing them for interaction in dynamic and transformative contexts. By
learning how to advise on conducting HRM and Organisational Design
changes, students as future international managers will understand how
organizations are impacted by transformation processes and how to handle
resulting challenges and consequences innovatively and sustainably.

Links to module intended learning outcomes – The assignment relates to the following intended learning outcomes for the module:
• Contrast and critically assess Strategic HR Management theories and practices for their contribution to organisational strategy
• Demonstrate with a critical eye an understanding of the organisational design features that influence effectiveness and performance
• Design and demonstrate HR strategies that support organisations in achieving their strategic aims
• Critically evaluate key practices of design implementation
• Derive the links between organisational design and performance.

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