Importance of cyber security

Posted on February 22, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Q2    Importance of cyber security

Ans 2:  We are living in the 21st era of technology, where every single thing is digitalized from our bank balance to our social media profile, so to provide protection to our digital data, Cyber Security is important. 

There are lot many ways by which we can easily provide security to our data named as-

Feedback and Coaching Scenario

  1. We can provide end-to-end data encryption
  2. We can provide back-up to our servers 
  3. Anti-malware protection must be on priority 
  4. We can install operating system updates.
  5. We can protect our wireless connections.

We must have a captive and clear infrastructure design which can secure our digital data and can prevent us from Cyber Attacks.

consumer behavior- confectionery industry in the UK

This particular technology is currently on priority because thousands of data is available on our systems and servers and it is a matter of concern for human security. Cyber Security will only be avoided if one knows how to act on and prevent it. We must know what to update or whatnot so that every single piece of data is encrypted with different networks.

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