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Employment Relations in Asia Sample

Assessment type: Briefing Document
CW2 will take the form of a briefing document, minimum 2000 words (no upward limit) completed in pairs (2 students) for a new member of management, detailing the cultural dimensions and barriers in a given destination. Report must integrate theory we have learned in class. Students will choose a “geographic destination” where the new manager will be working, and the nationality of the manager. It is advisable is to choose a destination and a nationality that are very different. Be sure to proofread carefully to catch spelling and grammar errors.

Below is the necessary structure that the students must follow in their report:

  • Title page: including report title, students’ name and students’ numbers, students’ class, module name and code, assessment task, lecturer’s name and date.
  • Acknowledgements: If necessary, provide a page of acknowledgments where the students recognize those who helped them complete their assessment.
  • Contents page: List the contents of the project (headings, sub-headings) and the page numbers they appear on.
  • Introduction: in 100-200 words, state the objective of the report and topics that will be covered. Grab the reader’s attention!
  • Findings/Results and Analysis: provide specific recommendations based on solid research on a wide selection of topics that would be helpful to the new manager. Be sure to integrate theory. Use at least 2 theories but you do not have to include every part of each theory. Only the parts of the theory that are useful and relevant.
  • Conclusions: State the main conclusions of the research. Show how you met the objective from your introduction.
  • Referencing section: provide references on a separate page at the back of the report.
  • Referencing in the text: reference all citations in the text of the assignment. Reports without suitable references will be marked down, as this is a serious piece of academic work.

You may use some, all or none of the following topic ideas. You may include your own ideas for topics in this report. It is completely up to you. Suggested topics you may wish to include are:

Relationships –The importance of relationships, what impact do relationships have? How can we develop and maintain relationships best?

Exchange of favours – When and how is this done, to which extent is this socially accepted? How are favours done best? What should not be done?

Loyalty and social ties – How important is loyalty? What is the most appropriate definition of loyalty? Describe the impact of loyalty at work. With whom do we have to create loyalty? How can loyalty be created best?

Rules and regulations – How strict can we be? What type of rules and regulations can be created best? How can those be applied best? Provide examples on various discipline and performance issues.

Instructive behaviour – What type of instructive behaviour fits best? What type of instructions are most efficient and effective? What type of instructions should be avoided?

Conflict management – How to prevent and solve conflicts? What could cause a conflict? What is the best way to deal with a conflict? What should be avoided at all times?

Formal meetings – What is considered a formal meeting? What can we expect (and what not) during a formal meeting? How do we behave best In formal meetings (formal protocol)?

Women at work – to which extent is gender an influencing factor at work? What is the impact of gender at work?

Generational acceptance – are all generations respected at the same level?

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