How Students Get Plagiarism?

Posted on February 17, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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The life of students has been very complicated nowadays, they are taking many simple things in a tricky way, which makes the situation tensed. It is common for students to challenge themselves for better grades in their academics. Well, in this situation few students are choosing the way of copying someone else’s work as their own which cause the text copied from other sources. Without any citations, it might be turn out as an original. Meanwhile, the original work is done by the authors or researchers with a lot of hard work. In some cases, few author decides to copy published information without any correct citation, this can be included in stolen content. This is how research requires consulting several sources to collect data, and citing them correctly has become very important. 

There are two types of  plagiarism 

  • Intentional 
  • Unintentional 

Intentional: – This is knowingly presenting someone else work, research, and ideas in your own words. There are some points that can be explained by intentionally plagiarising.

Downloading/copying: Many students follow this way to steal an entire paper or content that is written by someone else and give it with your name on it.

Intentionally not giving credit to original sources:  copying someone else work and concept into yours, without giving any kind of credit with an appropriate citation, is plagiarism. Well, the original content which is written by the author/expert will be done with lots of research and hard-worked so it’s  never be a good idea to copy someone else work without knowing them.

Self-plagiarism: Few students are re-using the same concept or research for more than one class or assignment.

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Unintentional:-  This is not about using someone else work or ideas intentional and not giving proper credit to the original person. Even if it is not intentional to present them as yours but it is still plagiarism and not acceptable at any cost. 

Accidentally failing to cite your sources correctly: Few students may plagiarize accidentally by failing to cite their sources correctly. If they are not sure about how to cite the sources of work properly.

Not citing paraphrased information: Some students believe that it is necessary to cite a source only if they use a direct quote. This is Not true! Using someone else’s work into your own words does not turn it into your own work. You must have to give the original author credit even when you paraphrase. Paraphrasing well shows that you understand and respect others’ hard work and the meaning of the original passage.

Incorrectly paraphrasing: Your paraphrase must be fairly and clear-cut from the original work. Paraphrasing is not simply changing some words or rearranging the author’s sentences. An effective paraphrase will bring the author’s facts or conclusions correctly but it has to be in your own unique style.

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Unintentionally using a “source” from the web, which is actually someone else’s research paper: Be very careful while researching on the website. Apart from websites with questionable concepts, you may come across documents that appear educationally but they aren’t. Check thoroughly for the source of the document, it could be another student’s “research paper”? Or a paper that is posted by a “paper mill”– a site that sells research papers for the purpose of cheating? These are not educationally sources so they should be avoided by you. 

Reason for plagiarism

Lack of research skills: – Many students don’t know how to search the database for journal articles, or how to use other reference sources. 

Lack of confidence: – Even students are confident about their ideas, then maybe tensed about to borrow an author’s words because the author “says it better than I can.” Students may not be familiar with the Slang which is used by some academic areas that are new to them. They may feel awkward about trying to use those words and phrases in their writing. 

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Poor time management: –Students frequently do not have the proper time management and this is a necessary skill to complete a large research paper on time. Well, it makes them tensed and disturb mentally by the large task and delay.

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