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5001PY “Psychological Perspectives”

Assignment 1
Due date: Friday Week 7 – Midnight (Darwin time)
Length: 1500 words
Value: 30 %


Prepare an annotated Bibliography of 12 -15 sources which address the origins and consequences of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008-2009, in particular, the strategies applied by the International Monetary Fund, the USA and Australian governments to ameliorate the economic repercussions of the GFC.


Read the assigned readings for Weeks 1 – 6; in particular Chapters 9-10 Presentation

  • Assignments are to be typed, with one and a half line spacing, and be in 12-point font.

Assessment criteria


  • Neatness, layout, correct spelling and grammar, page numbering, consistency of formatting and font size, and readability.
  • Within +/- 10% of word limit of 1500 words.Integrated Discussion of Topic
  • Ensure your bibliographic notes clearly demonstrates a thorough understanding of the topic and presents ideas/views in a balanced manner with a well-integrated and complex style.Research and Referencing
  • The use ‘peer reviewed’ journal articles or appropriate reference articles/texts considered of high academic standard.
  • In addition, Economic and business press articles such as those
    published by the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, AustralianFinancial Review, Harvard Business Review Correct referencing in-text and in reference list [you must use CDU Harvard referencing style, according to the style guide available at

Penalties                        Late Submissions

  • Late assignments will lose 4% of the available marks each day (or part thereof). After 14 days, assignments will not be accepted.Plagiarism
  • You are to identify the sources of any ideas and words in your assignment that are not yours. The use of any but the most incidental unattributed materials will be handled in accordance with the Student Plagiarism Management Process.
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