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Assignment Title:

Negotiation is not a process reserved only for the skilled diplomat, top salesperson, or ardent advocate for an organized lobby; it is something that everyone does, almost daily’ (Lewicki et al 2011: 2)

Critically evaluate this statement, does it mean that negotiation skills are basically the same wherever they are practised?

Word count : 2250


Critically evaluate the given statement either agreeing or disagreeing the given statement. Donot give a conclusion inbetween .

  • Addresses the question as it has been set and there is a clear attempt in the conclusions to provide an answer

Structuring an argument to the question:

  • Strong introduction indicating of the importance of the topic; define key terms which are explored in the body of the essay; and explains the boundaries placed around the answer.
  • Body of argument structured clearly using explicit section headings: probably best derived from the question.
  • Support the answer (either agree or disagree) with sufficient evidence.
  • The conclusions evaluate the arguments and provide an answer to the question
  • Give appropriate headings.
  • Make sure references are taken after the year 2000.
  • Stick to Harvard refrencing, word count excludes refrencing and table of contents.
  • Avoid tables, pictures and diagrammatic presentations.
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