MDA10008: Global Media Industries Sample

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MDA10008: Global Media Industries Sample

Assessment 2: Media and communication adaptation

Part A

The ad titled stop violence against women:

The rooting of violence against women and girls is from the discrimination of individuals on a gender basis and social norms and the gender stereotyping which propagates such violence. Raising awareness among the people and mobilization of the community by including media and social media is found to be an effective prevention strategy for bringing changes and is recommended to the creative team.

Education for prevention:

It is noted that the voices can be raised against violence as a co-educational curriculum which has to be designed for people of various age groups varying from 5 to 25 years. It offers young people with expertise and tools in having an understanding of the root causes of violence in their particular communities and educates them by involving their groups and communities in preventing such kind of violence and eventually make them learn about where they need to access support if such violence is experienced (Berger, 2015).

Voices raised against violence would be a tool for young people all over the world. It can be adapted to the level of national context can be translated into the local languages and has to be rolled out in schools and communities of all regions in partnership with youth organizations and governments (David & Carignan, 2017).

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Working together in a male-female environment:

This kind of program is to be entertained at the working place without any gender bias by the firm. By embracing such programs the long-term goal of the firm should be reducing the incidences of violence that are gender-based in the region through changes in their behaviour and attitude among men and boys, the increased capacity of the institution, and policy enhancements should be facilitated (Pedro). Raising voices against violence should be adopted as a community-based initiative and should aim in preventing violence from working place with a cross-section of community members and leaders in changing their behaviours and attitudes that promote violence against women.

Provide information on violence against women survivors:

It is to be noted by women and girls, particularly the VAW survivors that they would be authorized in receiving support and compensation for their being engaged in such violence. They should be given ideas and suggestions and made aware of how they would be able to claim their rights. It can be achieved by raising public awareness and by giving information campaigns which can distribute such important information to the survivors and would encourage them in using services that are appropriate to them and for demanding justice (Nishida, 1999). They should also be provided with the access to prevention of violence against women and the section on response services and also the law implementing public awareness and education section in the legislation module. An increasing body of indication shows that if the campaigns are designed well with information and are combined with public advertisements such as posters and the mobilization of the community then they will succeed in promoting the increased use of the services by the survivors of VAW (Raab & Rocha, 2011).

Promoting the norms related to gender unbiased:

It has been shown by the World Health Organization (2005) in a seminal multi-country study that violence against women is related closely to gender inequality concerning rights between men and women, unequal roles of gender, low levels of mobility of women, independence, and empowerment. Hence, against VAW campaigns are required to be promoted for providing justice to gender inequality and models of femininity and masculinity that are usually based on human rights and equality (Strömbäck & Van Aelst, 2013). In these, as active agents of change, you need to represent women and girls instead of only the potential victims who have to be protected so that it will contribute to their empowerment, and concedes and values their actual contribution to society.

Pragmatic Skills in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Part B

Recommendations using Cultural Schema Theory

When an individual from a particular culture interacts with the members belonging to the same culture all the time or when talks regarding certain information with them many times, then there would be the creation of cultural schemas that will be stored in the brain. Consequently, similar kinds of instances are responsible for the development of cultural schema against women and are becoming more organized, compact, and abstract leading to violence against them. Communication becomes much easier as these keep on happening among biased gender. It is explained by Nishida (1999) that the force that led to the creation of cultural schema is an experience (Nishida, 1999).

Violence can be described as a term that is diffused extremely and is a complex phenomenon which cannot be defined exactly in any scientific terms because it has been influenced by cultural development and is reviewed to the extent of social values and standards of women. From our cultural schemas, we can notice that the categorization of gender is assumed to be understood of the relationships that are established among the sexes in the society which leads to the differentiation of biological and social sex. While the term biological sex is referred to as the differences between men and women due to anatomic physiology and the term social sex would be related to how in society these differences in culture behave (David & Carignan, 2017).

All over the world in all cultures, women are living in conditions that are socially unequal towards men. The different manifestations and magnitudes are acquired by these inequalities. In this, the gender that is defined based on culture will be employing two levels, such as gender in the form of a constitutive element of social relations based on noticeable differences between the two sexes and gender representation in the form of power relations in which there would be dominant action and are quite natural.

Recommendations using Communication Accommodation Theory

  • Communication accommodation theory emphasizes the adjustments that are made by people while communicating. This theory was developed by Howard Giles, who is a professor at the University of California of communication. According to him, whenever people try to interact with others than they will either emphasize or diminish the social differences among them. This can be linked to the violence against women in the working places since men would like to be dominant in their work so they will try to degrade women’s staff with their communication by diminishing them while interacting with them in a team (Raab & Rocha, 2011).
  • Communication accommodation theory is often influenced by the social psychology of the people at the workplace and the following four conclusions can be drawn from them which are as below:
  • While communicating, however, there will be similarities between men’s to men’s conversations and differences between men’s to women’s conversations in terms of speech and behaviour. These kinds of features that are exhibited by the people are completely dependent on their experiences and the type of cultural background they are bought in.
  • By understanding the insight of the behaviour and speech of the opposite gender the conversation can be evaluated. By evaluating people will decide whether they can accommodate and fit in it.
  • Equality and social status are generally determined by their language and behaviours. When people communicate, they tend to accommodate their behaviours with those who are at a high level of social status in comparison to them.
  • The accommodation process is guided by norms which will be varying in the level of appropriateness. The behaviour of the individual is defined by the norms and accordingly, they are expected to act.
  • The application of communication accommodation theory can be in various processes of communication. The communication accommodation can be used in an office for communicating effectively and to prevent biased communication which leads to violence against women among the employees.

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