MGT6040 Digital Business Faculty of Business and Law Assessment Two

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Compare and Contrast Psychological and Sociological Approaches to Media Effects

Assessment Two Tasks

Individual Report: Critically analyse the e-commerce environment and create a digital strategy for a chosen company.

Assessment Weighting

4000 word Report: 80% of the module mark

Assessed Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain in detail the activities encompassed by digital business and the underlying role of Internet and technologies.
  2. Critically analyse the potential benefits and barriers to the adoption of digitally mediated business.
  3. Critically evaluate digital business models.
  4. Evaluate in detail contrasting approaches to developing digital business strategy.
  5. Critically evaluate the impact of the Internet on management theories and thinking.

8.Use a professional and academic writing style to present their ideas in a coherent and fluent manner.

(Please note that learning outcomes 6, 7 and 9 are covered in the first assessment.)

Knowledge, Attributes and Skills You Will Develop While Completing this Assessment

You will develop your critical analysis skills, and will then be required to apply this analysis in order to create effective strategies for a chosen company. You will also be developing commercial awareness through your research. Knowledge of digital strategies, e-commerce and digital marketing will be developed and you will evaluate critically a range of theoretical analytical frameworks.This will be synthesised into an individual report, throughout which you are required to adhere to academic conventions and to use a professional and academic writing style.

Marking Criteria

The report will be marked against the following criteria in line with St Mary’s marking criteria for reports at level 6:

Knowledge and Understanding

Intellectual Skills

Scholarly Practices

Enquiry and Research Skills

Professional and Life Skills

Please note that in this report, the professional and life skills which should be demonstrated are a professional and clear writing style, the creation of a strategy and the ability to critically analyse and evaluate.

Additional Information

Please note that you are allowed to be +/- 10% (meaning 3600-4400 words in total). If you go beyond 4400 the marker will stop reading and not take into account the content after 4400 words.

You will be invited to a drop-in session in which you can ask questions and have short pieces of your draft read and fed-back upon.

Please note that full drafts will not be reviewed by your lecturer – please do not request this.

You can seek support with your writing skills from learning development lecturers and from the Royal Literary Fellow. You can try to book appointments with these staff members and if you require assistance to do so, please ask in The Hub in the library on main campus.

It is vital that this is your own independent work – please don’t show your work to other students and don’t ask to see anyone else’s work. You must not plagiarise and you should ensure that you reference accurately and comprehensively using Harvard style. Please use the St Mary’s library webpages and staff to help you to develop your referencing skills.

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