MKT502 Research Report

Posted on February 11, 2023 by Cheapest Assignment

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MKT502 Research Report

This is with regards to your assignment 2 for MKT502 Research Report. I had a detailed discussion with the unit co-coordinator today with regards to the focus of this assignment, please note the following while making
your assignments.

1. The assignments focus is on Industry analysis. This analysis is usually carried out by a company to evaluate the feasibility of entering a new industry. Choosing the industry and the appropriate market segment is the very crux of this assignment.

2.With regards to the company that should be chosen, it could be any B2B company or new entrepreneurial venture (fictitious b2b company) . You do not have to provide the  company details, just the name of the company and the industry target segment that the company is entering needs to be mentioned in the introduction.

3. Thereafter you need to carry out the analysis of the industry and the target segment by discussing the following-

  • Size of the industry
  • Value factors in b2b environment(PESTEL and Potor's five forces- can be considered in very concise way.) Identify the other value factors as per the industry selected.
  • Key Players (competitors analysis)
  • Key Business consumers (Buyers seller relationship and the identify the major buyers of the target segment of the industry)
  • Segmentation Approaches (macro/ micro segmentation and identification of the target segment along with the rational for the choice)
  • Future growth potential of the company (Forecasts for the growth of the segment, perceptual maps can be used if desired) Here itself identify the strategies that can be adopted by the company for entering this industry followed by a concise implementation plan.
  • Since this is a Research Report, in the end identify whether the entering this industry is feasible for the company or not. Support it with reasons.

4. Remember the focus is on Industry analysis this time, so strategies and implementation plan do not have to be discussed in detail.

5. Use relevant terminology and support your analysis and discussions with concepts leaned in the unit.

Hope this clarifies the requirements  of the assignment. Happy writing. Feel free to email me regarding any

Clients and market assignment: (maximum 2500 words)

In this assignment: Pick a B2B organization from Australia and describe the new industry, where organization wants to enter and want to do B2B business:

Industry analysis, where organizations wants to enter, it should include

  • Size of the industry
  • Value factors: like partnership, ecommerce, PESTEL analysis, innovation, risk factors, these are few important value factors.
  • Main competitors and their importance in the industry.
  • Key business consumers
  • Segmentation: Describe Micro and macro segments of industry, where organizations will proceed and then describe the actual segment (target market or target segment) where organization will position its products in the chosen industry.
  • Future prediction: discuss organizational and market objectives of the organization for chosen industry for the future. It should not include corporate objectives; only market objectives should be described.
  • Then talk about 3-4 market strategies of the organization for the chosen organization, and then implementation plan of the best feasible strategy based on 4P(for products) or 7P (for services)
  • Market goals actually applicable ones, based on market strategy and implementation plan.
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