MPM735 – International Business Management

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ULO 1: Undertake a systematic and critical evaluation of the external global business environment

Product/Service Proposal 500-words (5%)

MPM735 – International Business Management
1) You need to organise yourself in a group of three. Try to pick people that are looking for similar marks to yourself or people that you have worked with before, or that live close to you so that you may meet up. I suggest posting a message to the Cloud Deakin site looking for group members. You may wish to do ‘selection of group members’ by asking potential group member what marks they usually get, where they live, if they can meet up, how they like to work, their commitment to getting their assignment done and what mark they want to achieve. 2) Once you have formed a group, then you need to enrol into a group in Cloud Deakin in the MPM735 site. 3) Then you need to decide in your group on a product or a service that you would like to internationalise. We will talk about this in BB collaborate session, but it can be anything, agriculture, innovative products, natural resources, financial service, etc, etc. 4) You will then need to decide in a group, three countries that your chosen product or service can be internationalised too, and each group member will need to choose a country. You must take the perspective that your firm is Australian and you will potentially internationalise it to three other countries, that is not Australia. As a rule, you are not allowed to choose the country that you have come from. For example, if you were born in China or India, and/or of that nationality you are not allowed to choose that country for this project. Choose something else that is interesting, and different for exploration. 5) Then you need to in the group develop a 500-word proposal, which details the product or service you are choosing, and then also the three countries that you choosing and who is doing it, and why you are choosing them for Assignment 1 and 2. In your proposal we encourage you to have 2-5 references (2 minimum, 5 maximum), using the Harvard referencing style.

Some students have been asking me the types of things that they should be covered under each of the factors specified, so I thought that I would create a list of things that I think is important. You might like to include them, but I won’t make them mandatory, as there might be other things that you would like to include that are relevant to your product/service and to the country that you have chosen. Some factors below (ie. GDP growth rate etc) you should be able to get trend data and also forecasted information – where possible you should try to action this.
Hope that you find this information helpful!

Executive summary
Provided findings on all factors (economics, political, legal, FDI, finance & socio
cultural) in the assignment, summarized the report and provided recommendation in no
more than one page only.
Product/service background
Scope/Parameters of the report
Methodology used
Limitations of report
Economic factors
The economic policy of the Government
GDP & GDP Growth (Trend)
Per capita income (Trend)
CPI (Trend)
Inflation (Trend)
Unemployment (Trend)
Political Factors
Type of Government
Government structure and how it operates
International relations with other countries
The political risk associated with the country
Level of corruption
Legal Factors
The legal system and how it works
Government rules and regulations for establishing a foreign business
Ownership of business, land and office
Labour/employment law

Trade and Investment (FDI) environment
Tariffs – relevant (if any)
Current Account (Trend)
Trading partners and key imports and exports
Trade agreements
History of FDI in the country
Inflow /outflow amounts/where it comes from
Industry access for the Company
Government rules and regulations concerning FDI
Government incentives or any special economic zones
Foreign Exchange Issues
Type of Exchange Rate System
Currency (trend data)
The banking system and types of banks there
Access to finance (refers to Foreign Company’s access to finance in-country)
Interest Rates
Repatriation of profit regulations
Taxation rules
Key values/traditions
How business is done in the country
Hofstede’s dimensions on the country in comparison to Australia
Language and communication styles
Factors were forecasted where possible and logical
Recommendations & Conclusions
All data presented in the report was analysed and evaluated which led to key
recommendations for the Company.
The report was appropriately concluded and was coherent and logical.

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