OMED 1425/6 – Formative Assessment

Posted on February 12, 2024 by Cheapest Assignment

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OMED 1425/6 - Formative Assessment

What is a Formative Assessment

The purpose of formative assessment is to gauge your understanding of what you’ve learned as you are learning it, and to provide you with feedback. The feedback will help you to write your summative (final) assessment better.

What you need to do for the formative assessment

Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of ONE reflective model.

You may choose from either.
a) Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle (1998)
b) Rolfe, Freshwater & Jasper (2001)

Choose one reflective model from the above choices and analyse what is good and not so good about the reflective model. Your discussion is to be written in your own words but supported by appropriate evidence.

As you read widely about your chosen reflective model, you must reference ALL the sources that you found and used to write this formative work (for example: research articles/ books / websites) by following the Harvard referencing format.
(The total word count of this formative work = no more than 200 words)

How to submit your work

  • Submit your work in the Discipline specific ‘Formative Submission Area’ in your Moodle Module page.
  • Date of submission – Monday 4 th of March, 23:30 hours.
  • Submit your work in a Microsoft Word document file format.
  • Ensure you write the name of the SEMINAR LEAD in your work.

What to expect afterwards
Your dedicated Seminar Lead(s) will review your submission and will provide you with feedback on your Moodle submission, after two weeks from the date of submission. Use your feedback to help you write your summative (final) assessment for this module. If you need more detailed feedback, contact your Seminar Lead.

Where and When to submit
(Discipline specific) Submission portals can be found on Moodle. You need to submit your work no later than Monday, 4 th of March, 23:30 hours.


Your student ID number

TITLE of your work

Name of your chosen reflective model

MAIN BODY of your work (no more than 200 words)

References (not included in the overall word count)

Name of your Seminar lead

Feedback area (this is where your seminar lead can provide you with feedback)

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