Organisation Behaviour

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Organisation Behaviour

Week 11 (Organisational Change) 

Answers the following questions: 

1. Identify three to five sustaining innovations that have affected you over the past year.

2. Identify three to five disruptive innovations that have affected you. Did you welcome these innovations because
they were Beneficial’s, or did you have cause to complain?

Week 12 (Cultures) 

Based on your studies of Organisational Behaviour in the past 11 weeks, explain whether interpersonal skills,
motivation, group behaviour, leadership style, conflict management, structure, predominant leadership style, training and HRM practices are all culturally relative.

Week 5 Activity Perception 

Choose a film that you have seen recently, and which you particularly enjoyed. Now find a friend or colleague who
has seen the same film, and who hated it.

Discuss your views of that particular film. What factors (age, sex, background, education, interest, values and beliefs,
political views, past experience) can you identify that explain the differences in perception between you and your
friend or colleague?

each task 200 words

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