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ASS142-3 - SASS Change Maker Research Dissertation Help

Assignment 1:

You will be writing an argumentative essay on an area of your choice. You may choose a topic from the first 7* weeks of class. You may choose one of these essay titles or write your own essay title.

  1. Psychology and Science:
    Psychologists need to acknowledge the complex nature of the study of mind and behaviour and the reductionist approach of the scientific method is not an appropriate way of understanding human experience.
  2. Power and politics:
    The discipline of psychology is an instrument of power which can be used for social ‘good’ or social ‘evil’.
  3. Psychology and Gender:
    In the current UK Higher Education system, there are more female than male psychology students. Are the criticisms raised by feminist psychology still valid today?
  4. Psychology and sex/sexuality:
    Psychology as a discipline has done more harm than good in promoting the understanding of human sexuality.
  5. Cross-cultural psychology:
    All published psychological research should make cross-cultural comparisons or at the very least consider the findings in the context of cultures other than the one in which the research is being conducted.
  6. Psychology and Race:
    In today’s multicultural society, race does not hold much importance, therefore researching race differences only acts to fuel racial stereotypes.
  7. ‘On being normal’ Understanding Mental Health:
    Mental illness is a human-made construction that allows us to control behaviour that is commonly seen as socially unacceptable.

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of theoretical underpinnings of psychology as well as scientific principles.
  2. Reflect on how contemporary and historical issues impact contemporary psychology specifically examining the ways that existing knowledge is organised and interpreted
  3. Demonstrate the ability to integrate ideas and empirical findings within different areas of psychology
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the social and cultural construction of psychology as a discipline with specific reference to issues of gender, politics
  5. Demonstrate an ability to compare and critique conceptual and historical paradigms and models

Word Count:

Your essay must argue your position in a maximum of 1500 words using evidence and theory. You must consider evidence for and against your position, but you must ultimately draw a conclusion based on your essay question. It is essential that you cite your evidence correctly and accurately reference all citations. Penalty for exceeding word count: If you exceed the maximum word count by even 1 word, your mark will be dropped a grade point, e.g., from a B to a B-.

To achieve Excellent A- to A* –
Comprehensive and accurate coverage of the area with clarity of argument and expression. Depth of insight into theoretical issues.
– Deep understanding of theoretical underpinnings of discipline of psychology and integration into contemporary psychology
– In depth understanding theories and conceptual and historical issues and ability to explain several similarities and differences between them
– Evidence that the student’s understanding does not only rely on lecture material but is also based on core texts and additional reading of recommended papers.

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