Reflective Analysis On Presentation As A Doctor

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Acknowledgement of the job role

As a Doctor, My main aim was to share my insight into Pregnancy and Maternity which I have done well as of now. Still, there are a few improvement areas where I can add to my presentation (Andalibi, et al,2021). I have conveyed my message that each and every human being should have basic knowledge of pregnancy and maternity.

Insight of the job

Nowadays lots of couples treat it as a normal process of their own life. But it’s a very crucial process in their life when they do plan for this long process. As a Doctor, I have shared that pregnancy should take place at the age of 20 to 40. Although in today’s scenario lots of things depend on when to have the pregnancy, like age, economical support, family support (Banker, et al. 2021). At the time of  Pregnancy, women face lots of complications in their body like high blood pressure, Infection, Anemia, Miscarriage, Diabetes, and more. At this time they are supposed to be under the supervision of a Doctor always.

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Evaluation of the presentation

In my short presentation, I have explained all their queries and issues, especially from the last row of the auditorium which indicates that I was very clear to them as well as they are very keen to get knowledge on this topic. Also, It was shared to all audiences that nowadays few unethical Doctors are misguiding their patients. This is a very critical issue that has a bad impact on our profession. For this bad practice now we are seeing that lots of cases are rising on this aspect. Though few doctors use unwanted medicine in this period which is not required at all, still few patients are very keen to take all these medicines (Huntley, et al. 2021). At the time of my presentation, I also explained the various views of Maternity. This is a healthy process in the biological process of every woman which is interlinked with their body in their life span. Also, I have tried to convey my thought to all audiences that this Maternity is also helping to grow up mental health on an individual basis.

Overall Analysis of Presentation

I am a Doctor, maybe not a good presenter. Still, I have tried to make a good presentation along with an easy case scenario that is more understood by the audience. I have tried to make my script in such an easy way with the help of day-to-day problems so that the audience can easily relate their issue with my presentation. The whole motto of this presentation was to build the awareness program and build up culture to give importance to the social biological process in the human cycle (Chavez-Badiola, et al. 2020). There were a lot of queries that were also addressed properly which indicates that my body language was also a well-mannered way to all the audience. Later on, I have noticed that I should have added topics on psychological aspects in my presentation which will be more productive in this awareness program. If I have a chance to make a presentation in near future I would like to focus on these aspects.

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