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Individual Written Assessment – Understanding yourself as a leader

Assessment No. 1 (25%)

Q1. What are 3 levels of ethical concerns according to Kohlberg’s Model of Cognitive Moral Development (CMD)? (5 Marks)

Q2. What is the role of Power in shaping Corporate Culture? Explain. (5 Marks)

Q3. Why do you think there is requirement for Ethics and Compliance Programs in the organisation?
If the organisation does not have effective system established to maintain this programs, what can be the disadvantages in the long run? (5 Marks)

Q4. Explain what are common mistakes which managers usually make in Designing & implementing an Ethics Program? (5 Marks)

Q5. Multiple Choice questions, True & False (5 Marks)

1. A firm is said to have good corporate social performance when

1. 1. Stockholders invest in socially responsible causes.
2. Charitable deductions are automatically deducted from pay without the consent of employees.
3. The company has not been convicted of ethical violations for five consecutive years.
4. Stakeholders are satisfied with its level of social responsibility.

2. Unethical behavior is often triggered by

1. Pressure from higher management to achieve goals.
2. An organizational atmosphere that condones such behavior.
3. both 1 & 2
4. A system of checks and balances.

3. Building a sustainable environment includes

1. developing a green supply chain
2. 2. omitting hazardous emissions
3. writing a code of ethics
4. Both 1 & 2

4. Fairness in employment practices centers on

1. Hiring no family members or friends.
2. Obeying equal employment opportunity legislation.
3. Giving people equal rewards for accomplishing the same tasks.
4. Avoiding conflicts of interest.

5. Team leader Gary is scheduled to prepare a performance plan for Larry, a team member who also happens to be his wife’s closest friend. The ethical temptation Gary faces is

1. Sexual harassment.
2. Misuse of corporate resources.
3. Dealing with confidential information.
4. Conflict of interest.

6. A whistle blower is an employee who

1. Exposes organizational wrongdoing.
2. Complains a lot to company management.
3. Engages in unethical behavior.
4. Referees disputes with other employees.

7. Which one of the following approaches to creating an ethical and socially responsible workplace is likely to be the most powerful?

1. Passing out buttons with the statement “Just Say No to Bad Ethics”
2. Placing posters about ethics throughout the organization
3. Top management acting as models of the right behavior
4. Including a statement about ethics and social responsibility in the employee handbook

8. John is the human resources manager for a government agency. He faces a conflict of interest when his girlfriend’s mother applies to the agency and he must provide input on whether the woman should be hired.

9. Whether to use corporate resources for personal use is an ethical dilemma that falls into a gray area for many people.

10. The stakeholder viewpoint is the traditional perspective on social responsibility that a business organization is responsible only to its owners and stockholders

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