SH5052 Assessment details and guidelines

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MKT2011 AS2 Campaign Analysis (Resit Conditions)
Assessment Method Description of Item % Weighting Week Due Date due (by 3pm)
Coursework-Essay 2500-word essay demonstrating your understanding of and critically analyzing theoretical approaches to health, illness, and society specifically how health and illness conditions are defined, measured and treated in society as well as the implications for society and individuals.


100 12   3rd May 2022

To pass the module you must achieve an overall minimum mark of 40%. If you pass the module on re-assessment, the component you re-sit will be capped at a pass mark level of 40%

The assessment for SH5052 module is designed to support student learning and demonstrate the achievement of the following learning objectives in this assessment:
  1. Discuss key social science theories and sociological interpretations in relation to contemporary issues in health and illness
  2. Analyse the impact of social, cultural and economic contexts on conceptualisations of health and illness and on service provision and practice.
  3. Describe the relations between health professionals, patients and those around them, and how these social relationships may affect the patient’s condition.
  4. Evaluate key data relating to diverse outcomes of ill-health and/or social circumstances to identify relationships between outcomes and social status.

Assessment Questions (Select only one for your assessment)

Q1. How do lay perspectives contribute to our understanding of health and illness? Discuss in relation to sociological explanations and apply concepts to a particular disease/condition.

Q.2. How might stigma impact on a person with mental health problems? How can services improve to address stigma-associated issues?

Q.3. Why do patients not adhere to treatments? Discuss in relation to sociological explanations and apply concepts to a particular disease/condition.

One of the aims of the module is for students to develop critical thinking and analysis on contemporary health issues. However, a generic template is provided for students to follow. In order to enhance inclusivity and help demonstrate learner understanding and engagement, students are encouraged to follow a more open and flexible (innovative) approach in completing their coursework essays by describing, discussing, analysing and evaluating (where and when required) the different aspects of any one of the above questions whilst ensuring all of the criteria are still being met.

Formative support provided for assessment by allowing some time towards the end of sessions from week 9/ 28th March’22 for students to work on their papers


a tutorial near the end of term Final Session/ Tutorial (prior booking via email required).

The template:

  • Title: Simply type your chosen question.
  • Introduction: signpost the reader about the content of your essay: which topics you will discuss, which theories/authors/concepts you will use; how you will apply notions (specific disease/ services) as part of your analysis.
  • Analysis:
    • Critically engage with the sociological literature and evidence: Start with describing key definitions and key concepts in relation to your chosen question
    • Apply concepts and theories to specific diseases, conditions and/or healthcare contexts in the UK (NHS, patients/service users, other services). Include relevant and recent statistical/demographic/epidemiological/research data for evaluation.
  • Conclusion: conclude by answering the question and justifying your answer. You may also consider the implications of your analysis and further relevant questions
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