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Capstone Project


There are TWO questions on this Paper. You must answer BOTH of them. Each question carries equal marks. Read each question carefully and ensure that your answer makes use of relevant theory.

Candidates should always give reasons for their answers.
In marking the papers, the examiners will take into account clarity of exposition and logic of arguments, effective arrangement and presentation and the use of concise and lucid English.

A clean case study will be issued in the examination room; you CANNOT take in your own, personal copy.

THIS IS A RESTRICTED OPEN BOOK EXAMINATION you may take a maximum of 2,000 words of HAND-WRITTEN notes into the exam. Typed or word-processed notes WILL BE CONSFISCATED.

Case Study: The Internationalisation of Allied Irish Banks

Answer BOTH questions

Question 1

(A) Compare and contrast AIBs’ expansion into the UK market with its entry into the Polish market. What were the similarities and differences between the modes of entry to these markets and AIB’s entry into the USA? (60% of the total marks for this question)
(B) Based on your analysis in (A) above, what suggestions would you put forward for as a suitable market entry mode for further internationalization by AIB? (40% of the total marks for this question)

Question 2

With reference to concepts addressed in the module, what generic strategy has AIB pursued? What issues may arise for AIB and its chosen strategic route as the scale and scope of its activities increase?

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