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The role of corporate social responsibility and ethics in business management

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Introduction In recent decades, corporate governance and ethical practices have taken the business environment by storm. The term ‘corporate governance’ can be defined as the set of policies and practices that guide a business undertaking to conduct its operational activities.  The ethical principles make sure that a concern manages its activities and processes after taking […]

BMSK4004 – Problem Solving and Decision Making Sample

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Introduction: Tesco, the supermarket retail organisation faces a very poor labour market position and legal action currently because about 1000 former and present female workers claim that they are less paid than male staffs working in the retailer’s distribution centres.  Because of the discriminatory wage cut of the staff based on the grounds such as […]

HC2022 Market Research Assignment Sample

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Executive Summary The use of technology has created a major impact on business operations. In addition to that, evidence-based studies carried out in the field of technology, have revealed positive relations with business performance. In a current research report, there exists a wide range of benefits relating to the importance of digitalization in business operations. […]

Health Promotion Plan

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Analysis of the Health Concern Tobacco use is one of the health concerns in many communities in the USA and other parts of the world. According to the data from WHO, tobacco use is the major public health concern in the world (Berry et al., 2019). Tobacco use has continuously increased in the communities despite […]

Poter’s Five Forces Model

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INTRODUCTION Poter’s Five Forces Model: This framework is developed by Michael Porter in 1979 and it enables an organization to analyse the effectiveness of five competitive forces on the profitability and efficiency of their business. This model is used by BT Group for attaining the competitive advantage by formulating effective strategic planning. This organization is […]

MANG6293 Project Management Sample

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Introduction In recent years China has been constantly in the news for its rise in infrastructural development along with its chivalry and willingness to give out loans to countries in need. Although both of these matters might look unrelated at first glance, both of them share a common thread that is often missed. Both these […]

The Importance of availing Online Assignment Help

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Today, there is a lot of competition among people to stay ahead in the race. Be it the academic journey or the professional journey, everyone wants to win and excel in their respective fields. The academic life of the students revolves around attending lectures, completing assignments of various subjects and scoring good grades for a […]