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Question 1

Amazon has developed its online sales which have made the company become one of the biggest organizations on the online platform. This rise is possible due to the strategies which have been made by the organization related to the current trends that occur in the market Majed, Nuraddin, and Hama, (2018). The company has developed strategies related to the expectation of the customers and thus the company is dependent on the feedback and opinions of the customer. The online selling strategy of Amazon has developed a strategy by providing discounts over the internet and by providing free delivery over a minimum amount of purchase. This strategy has allowed the company to increase its sales on the online platform. The action of Amazon related to the success of the company is associated with the opinions of the customers and not with the opinions of the competitors. The company develops a strategy associated with the trends in the market and the seniors of the company believe their employees as their partners Cavallo, (2018). The sales of Amazon have evolved over time by producing its own product such as the introduction of Alexa which has increased its sales by 38%. The company has made a strategy on the expectations of the customers and it is highly dependent on the dynamics of its customers.

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Question 2

The various limitations to the online sales models are first of all planning and designing the website and maintaining a professional e-commerce website. Additionally, there is a cost of the maintenance of the physical spaces used for the warehousing of the goods. Law can be a challenging factor in e-commerce and needs awareness and planning hang et al., (2020). The online market will also need promotion and hence the costs of advertising to hit the target audience. Without the conducting of a physical business, it can be tough to build a brand name in an efficient way.

Amazon maintains a hybrid sales channel to invigorate, integrate, and maximize the rate of the indirect and the rate of direct sales channels to improve the growth of the sales, alignment of the right sources from all the sales channels, and focus on the demands of the customers. 

The limitations of any single modality sales model are: the different sales representatives find it extremely difficult to develop a product unless the organization itself promises for the speciality of the sales forcesMuratori et al., (2020). The sizing of the territory can also be a challenge resulting in the emergence of uneven opportunities across the geographies.

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Question 3

An enterprise can increase its customer courage in the following ways:

Offering a free pamphlet: According to Guhaet al., (2021) free is something that everybody can bear, from private ventures to worldwide organizations. At the point when the enterprise offers a free bulletin, they are educating their potential clients that the enterprise will give free information from the commencement. In an event in which the originality gives a special material, customers will find a way in that commercial. 

Implementation of clients based on slushy requests: Before mesh guest greeneries the initiative site the stresses that they complete a short overview identified with their business. The individuals are glad to communicate and regularly appreciate educating the concerns on the web and then disconnected encounters. This can be utilized to lead the industry research, client’s experience or amount of customer faithfulness.

With the irresistible presence of the commerce world’s profitable centres throughout the most recent few couples of years, purchasing things online has become an undeniably unoriginal encounter for most of the other companiesSindhuet al., (2021). The customers need to realize that the business is trustworthy. They are searching for acceptable help that represents reliability and shows that the organization will do what is guaranteed. A customer connection procedure assists with safeguarding these needs. 

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Question 4  

In the race of globalization, multinational Amazon enterprises like Amazon always focus on expanding their customer base in the long run to gain long-term benefits. However, certain disruptive forces arise while a company makes prior decisions that are related to customer expansion and interaction decisions. It is not only the process of offering the debts of the services that aims at identifying and analyzing the Amazon decisions Al-Omari, Alomari, and Aljawarneh, (2020). Further, it has also involved the interaction and customer approaches that need to be analyzed effectively and to be made certain while dealing with the potential customers. Keeping the customer and their dreams fulfilled is one of the most effective and important aspects for Amazon. The customer service aspect is more about giving logical approaches towards the most potential customer base and making them realize how the company can benefit their needs and wants. If businesses provide good customer services, it has a greater choice of keeping and expanding the customer base. It can be increased by:

  • Increasing customers by choosing favourable words or face to face advertising and public promotion methods.
  • Increasing frequency of customer visits 
  • Offering better and attractive offers.   

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An established culture of excellent customer service can be initiated by the application of Amazon planning, development and sustainable customer approach practices. 

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