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Business and Market in Global Environment- Market Report

Q1 technology advice and research for the government

Q2 3500 employees directly. Yes, he has contracts whom handle some of those services. Out sources to some

Q3 Because Management Science can help him solve some problems , technical problems

Q4 im some what familiar with KE project with regards to students involvement. Consultancy services and risk assessment. bits of advise consultancy by staff does but some of this services doesn’t work for governments services.

Q5 Matthew is the one who make Tim aware of this services , Long working relationship with matthew  Risk consultancy  Not applicable due to long time working relationship and experience  University of Toronto , a bit more specialise offering than Strathclyde . Toronto is too specialise for consultancy services, and they are  academic not consultant. Dont have staff necessary for consultancy. However, depending on require services for KE he would usually go to University of Toronto or Strathclyde.(+Q6-4)

Q6-1 Risk consortium owners project and losses project (8:55) Occasionally, university staff has done one-off bits of consultancy for us special advise by university staff.

Q6-2 Reliable and efficient

Q6-3 Yes

Q6-5 Generally well familiar with the staffs that he work with and are accessible for him and he can rely on them to do a good job

Q6-6 accessibility and quality.

Q6-7 is not always easy for him to pay for desire services, other payment options and greater accessibility will be

Q7 Project history and past success with clients

Q8 project history, staff qualifications, problem solving abilities and professionalism in terms of understanding trustworthiness

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