Uni Business Management Assignment Enqiury

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In your first assignment, you were required to submit a proposal for a research paper and you can now move onto to writing your research paper. This document is to provide some practical guidelines and should be read in conjunction with the Unit Outline. These guidelines clarify and supplement the material in the Unit Outline.
The assignment requires you to develop your research proposal into a research paper of words. The questions you may choose to answer are:
1. Scabby the Rat is merely a piece union theatre
2. Regulation in Australia has been sufficient to ensure women are able to participate equally in the workplace.
3. Wage stagnation is the logical outcome of the Fair Work Act.
4. Trade unions are irrelevant dinosaurs destined to be consigned to the past The overall purpose of the Assessment is for you to analyse and evaluate the question you chose in Assignmnet 1. In Assignment 3 you can agree with the question, disagree with the question or argue that there are elements that you agree with and elements you disagree with but importantly you must support your arguments and ideas with references and avoided unsupported assertions. You will need to state why the question you have chosen is important and then tease out the nuances of the question using literature and theory in a critical manner. You will be expected to support your arguments and conclusions with using credible academic literature (websites such as Wikipedia, Businessballs etc are not credible academic literature) or other reputable sources eg The Conversation, newspapers, government websites. Finally you should write a conclusion and in this identify any issues that you think require more research. Conversely you may conclude that there are not any identifiable issues that require further research, but you will need to justify why this is the case

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