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Introduction of University of Sydney

The University of Sydney was established in 1850, and this was the first university with a sight to promote quality education in Sydney. The University of Sydney (USYD) is having their own 9 campuses, which are Surry Hills, Sydney campus of Music, Camper down, Cumberland, Roselle, Camden, Mallet Street, St James teaching space and Sydney Media school. USYD Library is one of the widest libraries that contain vast resources where students of USYD have been provided with the entrance to the library for Sydney University so that they can use the educational resources. Sydney University is providing a large number of educational courses for Undergraduates and Postgraduates students. The list of undergraduate courses itself includes Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of social work, Bachelor of computer science and Bachelor of Commerce etc. Accordingly, the postgraduate courses offered by Sydney University include Master of Business Administration, Master of Information Technology, Master of professional accounting, Master of Animal Science, etc.

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The University of Sydney has applied digital technology in order to spread education as well as various platforms are developed such as the USYD library and USYD canvas. These are the two latest platforms that are considered fully developed in the educational area. Because of these areas of education, students can use all the resources related to education. The canvas of USYD is a doorway of the college which is similar to the CSU login, Holmes Blackboard, etc.

USYD Canvas cover all the courses in which students are involved, the assignment details, their class schedule, lecture slides and assignment grades etc. Assignment samples are also given by the teachers at USYD Canvas and the link is provided in the USYD library so that students can explore the USYD library through this. Canvas USYD help students in order to study any resource whenever they want so that they can effectively utilize their time. USYD canvas login can be done through username and password which is provided by the college. USYD library also holds the USYD timetable for all classes scheduled. USYD my university link is also available at this portal so that students can smoothly link to both portals. USYD my university is helpful for them to cover assignments and the USYD library is used by them to use resources for completing their assignments. Sydney university library is known for being the most advanced virtual library system set by the universities. USYD database for the library is the widest and cover various online and offline educational resources. These resources are very helpful for the students to complete their assignments on their own.

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The Location of USYD Library

The USYD libraries are situated at different campuses and specific in particular subjects. They have a vast range of facilities, adding some spaces for group and individual study.

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In our libraries you can cover:

  • A huge range of databases and other electronic resources
  • Storage of thousands of books
  • Research guidance
  • Subject teacher
  • Organized guidelines on writing, citing and referencing
  • Printing, scanning and photocopying resources
  • Specific study spaces

Getting access

Your student card is also used as your library card and you can use it to borrow items and use the library after hours.

Many of the library resources and benefits are online and can be used from your phone or computer. Some of our libraries are providing service 24/7.

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