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PROJECT 2–Strategic Management Accounting – Trimester2 2017


                           MEDIBANK INSURANCE COMPANY


Weight:                       20%

Word Length:             Maximum of 2,000 words

TOTAL MARKS            80 marks (worth 20%)

Presentation:             Maximum 10 minutes; a single page handout document is required to support your presentation

Written report:          Submit your project (in MS Word) through the ‘Safe Assign’ link in the Assessment folder. Also submit an Assignment Cover Sheet.

Report Structure

  1. Executive Summary (100 – 200 words)
  2. Table of contents (not included in word count)
  3. Introduction (50 – 100 words) (DO NOT REPEAT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY)
  4. PART A = Maximum of 500 words (see below)
  5. PART B = Maximum of 750 words (see below)
  6. PART C = Maximum of 750 words (see below)
  7. PART D = Maximum of 250 words (see below)
  8. Conclusion (50 – 100  words)
  9. Reference list (not included in word count)
  10. Maximum of 2,500 words


PART A            VALUE CREATION                  500 – 750 words                                 (20 marks)

Strategic management accounting helps organisationsin their desire to create long-term, sustainable value that is of benefit to all stakeholders

PART A: Value creation – Use information in your company’s 2017annual report to identify:

  • Value: Draw a diagram of your organisation’s value chain
  • Vision/Mission:Describe the vision/mission of your organisation.
  • Goals and objectives: Describe the goals and objectives of your organisation.

PART B    STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT                      500  – 750 words                    (20 marks)

PART B: Strategic Management– Use information in your company’s annual report to conduct:

2.1 An external analysis of your company using the Porter’s Five Forces Model

2.2 Discuss the external stakeholders of your company and discuss their power.

PART C    PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT              750 words                               (30 marks)

PART C: Performance management– Use information in your company’s annual report to identify:

3.1 As many performance measures as you can and provide evidence.

3.2 Discuss the reward system for the top 5 executives and provide evidence.

WRITTEN COMMUNICATION                                                                                    (10 marks)     

Executive summary, introduction, conclusion, and overall written communication



  • All reports should use a minimum 4 sources including the Annual report
  • A reference list should only include sources that you have cited in the assignment..
  • Please consult the AGPS Harvard guide for Griffith University in terms of reference. Please be consistent in your referencing throughout the essay. Note that in-text referencing includes author’s last name, year and if direct quoting, page number of where the comment comes from.

Formatting and spelling

  • Full margins (do not set your paper to a narrow margin of less than 2.54cm)
  • 5 line spacing
  • 12 point Times New Roman or Arial font. Please use English (Australian) as your word processing dictionary
  • Please use a spelling and grammar checker

Executive Summary                                       100 – 200 words

Introduction                                                  50 – 100 words

  • Give enough background information to provide a context for the report ( Maximum 50 words)
  • State the purpose of the report.
  • Do not repeat the executive summary

PARTS A, B and C                                           2,000 words                                        (70 marks)

  • The information in this section should be organised under appropriate topics with sub-headings. You need to synthesise adequate research material from different sources under topic headings to support your analysis/discussion, for example, success of the leader / company.
  • Your analysis might include consideration of the advantages/disadvantages (in addition to gaps or weaknesses) of the strategy being implemented.

PART D – Oral presentation feedback                      250 words                               (10 marks)

  • Sum up how you have incorporated feedback from the presentations into your report

Conclusion                                                     50 – 100 words

  • Sum up the main points of the report. The conclusion should clearly relate to the objectives of your report.
  • You should make recommendations for future action. They must be logically derived from the body of your report (i.e. follow on from the conclusions of your analysis/discussion).


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