Assessment 2: Research Poster

Posted on August 10, 2023 by Cheapest Assignment

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Summarise and evaluate research (i.e., evidence-base) on the correlates of offending and victimisation, to inform commentary on the youth justice system and the young people caughtup in it.

What you need to do:

  1. Complete all learning activities as outlined in STEP 1 and STEP 2 of the Module 3: Correlates of Offending and Victimisation folder on the subject’s vUWS site.
  2. Choose ONE correlate as the focus (e.g., education and how it correlates to offending and victimisation or out-of-home care and how it correlates to offending and victimisation). There will be intersections, but when you write and present the research you need to make it clear to the reader which correlate is the focus.
  3. Download and familiarise yourself with the Assessment 2 Marking Criteria, available in the Assessment 2 folder. Markers will apply these criteria in grading submissions.
  4. Create a Research Poster by:
    a. Writing 750 words (+/- 10%) that summarise and evaluate the evidence base as presented in the two essential readings and the practitioner interviews in the Youth Justice Portal. The main text, including in-text citations, will count in the word count. However, headings, sub-headings, and the reference list are not included in the word count limit, and;
    b. Create and insert SmartArt, graphs, charts and/or tables generated from your readings and viewing. You MUST create your own, cutting and pasting existing tables and/or other figures from the readings will not be counted as having met the requirements of the Marking Criteria.
  5. Research Poster Structure: use the basic headings shown below to structure the content. You may add sub-headings that connect better with the claims you are making in the poster. The evidence-base section may be where you add sub-headings.
    a. Introduction;
    b. Evidence-base;
    c. Conclusions and;
    d. References
  6. The completed submission MUST include text 750 word (+/- 10%) and graphs, charts or tables created by you, from data presented in the essential readings. To best meet this task requirement, you should ensure participation via the active learning components for Module #3 (i.e., attend your Allocated workshop, or attend a scheduled ’drop-in’ session (for online only learners), or complete the asynchronous learning program).
  7. You MUST make use of the two essential readings for Module 3: Correlates of Offending and Victimisation as part of your research poster – it is okay if you find that one reading offers more for your chosen correlate than the other.
  8. Reference the authors and practitioners, in-text and in the reference list (See the marking criteria for Assessment 2 on vUWS for more on the assessment requirements). Should you find it difficult to make the reference list ‘fit’ in your main poster slide, please make sure to add a second slide for the reference list. A maximum of two slides will be accepted, as long as the second slide only contains the references.
  9. A PowerPoint template located as a link within the Assessment 2 folder on vUWS will be made available for use.
  10. Submit your Research Poster via the Turnitin Link in the Assessment 2 folder BEFORE the due date and time. Turnitin submissions must not include text as an ‘image’- if the ‘text-boxes’ in your submission are picked up as an ‘image’ rather than a ‘text-box’ markers will ask you to re-submit your work using the required format. Marking of your work may be delayed as a consequence.

Sample Research Posters

Sample Research Posters have been provided as part of the learning materials for Module 3: Correlates of Offending and Victimisation (also Linked below in this document). Note that the objective of providing these examples is to offer you a clear visual representation of what your final Research Poster should look like (i.e., a blend of text, images, and evidence-base in the form of SmartArt, graphs, charts, and tables). Please do not use the examples to inform the structure of your submission. Instead, see step 5 above which offers you a basic structure to follow.

What will I learn from this assessment task?

The process of creating a Research Poster will assist you with developing skills that are essential for employability across many fields, including but not limited to:

  • A capacity to comprehend research articles and extract meaningful information
  • A capacity to communicate ideas concisely, with clarity and precision
  • An ability to highlight the significance of using research evidence to informmeaningful decision making to address complex needs
  • An ability to create visual representations of research data using Microsoft Office programs (i.e., PowerPoint)
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