Assessment Item #2 – Essay

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Capital Market Assumptions given in Appendix

You are to submit an essay in academic style, appropriately referenced based on research conducted through peer-reviewed journals, books, newspaper articles and the world wide web on the topic below.
“Professional identity and business communication are intertwined”. Critically evaluate this statement with examples and justification.
Think about who you are and who you want to be (and why). Think about why people in a specific professional community speak a similar language, act in a similar way. Think about factors which influence your identity in becoming a professional. Think about how people who are “the same” communicate and influence one another. Think about culture and subculture in the professional community influence the way people behave (and therefore their identity as a profession)……
The topic is so broad, so think about what interest you. The idea is to make you reflect on your career choice of who you want to be and why.

Notes on Presenting Your Essay
An academic essay is an individual piece of work and two essays that receive high marks can be quite different to one another. In other words, there is no single correct answer to the question posed above. You should commence your essay by researching both McLuhan’s work and what other prominent academics have said about the topic. Once you have a clear understanding of the question, write a plan breaking down how many words you intend to use for each element. Remember, the general format for an academic essay includes three parts: introduction; body; and conclusion. Refer to the instructions on referencing in this unit outline and follow the link suggested. You need to frame your essay to carefully respond to the question posed, discussing all the relevant elements of the question, after which you must provide an interpretation of your own onto the material (this is called synthesis).

Some other hints:
• Avoid using the course study guide or Moodle as reference sources – don’t be lazy – go to the original source
• Finish your essay a few days earlier than the due date, put it down and come back and proofread It again later carefully
• Be aware of the penalties for plagiarism, and the fact it will be detected by Turnitin – think and write for yourself!
Assessment Parameters
• Word limit: 2,000 words (see detailed rubric attached)
• Due date: Week 8 (discuss particulars with your tutor for submission through Turnitin)
• Assessment coversheet: available from Moodle
• Mandatory – non-completion will result in a grade of 0 for this item
Marking Criteria:
The essay rubric is provided as an attachment to this unit outline (note the style guide for essay submission below)
TAKE NOTE *** Presentation ‘Style’ Guide:
Correct font is 11pt Arial, 1.5 spacing
Margins: 1.5 centimetre margins all-around (left/right/top/bottom) and cover sheet attached with the correct tutor’s name
Correct length = 2,000 words +/- 5%  Professional appearance (consistent use of document formatting, for example by the use of a style
sheet)  If a student is unable to complete the essay, and has been granted an extension, he or she will be required to complete another essay on a topic to be chosen by the unit convenor. The topic will cover the same learning outcomes.

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