BHO0202 Assignment 2 Managing Organisational Design and Change

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Group Assignment Workshop[1]

Assignment Brief & Tutor Support

Assignment drawing on all the topics we have discussed in the seminars via the IBM inspired Framework and Quality/Improvement subjects

You will need to review the topic seminar slideshow

BHO0202 Assignment 2 Managing Organisational Design and Change

Workshop [1] Contents

  • Group Assignment details and tutor support
  • Assignment Tasks: relationship with marking scheme
  • Link with ‘organisational change’
  • What are the main key issues for Stella Hull Assiociates?
  • Linking quality with performance
  • Report Format including suggestive word count
  • Formative assessment and feedback W/C 13th March
  • Internal customers
  • SWOT and EVR presentation (continued in Workshop 2)

Group Assignment:

Drawing together the main themes from the portfolio

  • Groups of 4-5
  • 5000 words maximum – no going over (however, not include Contents Page, Reference List or Appendices)
  • All group members to equally contribute
  • Upload soft copy to Turnitin 23:59 – 20th April
  • Seven sessions of tutor support:
    • W/C 12th February: Case Study Workshop [1] including SWOT and EVR
    • W/C 19th February: Case Study Workshop[2] including Change Mgt
    • W/C 26th February: Tutor support
    • W/C 5th March: Tutor support
    • W/C 12th March: Groups present assignment structure to tutor (immediate formative feedback)
    • W/C 19th March: Tutor support
    • W/C 16th April: Tutor support


Assignment Tasks: relationship with marking scheme

Tasks Marking Scheme
Report structure and format Appropriate structure and flow of the report.    10%
Task 1. A description of the company’s current, strategic, quality and operational performance Description of the company’s current strategic, quality and operational performance. Use of relevant, methods, tools, techniques and theory to support description.     25%
Task 2. An analysis and identification of the main issues of strategic, quality and operational concern An analysis and identification of the main issues for concern. Use of relevant tools and theory to conduct and communicate the results of the analysis. 25%
Task 3. A proposal for short, medium and long term improvements to address the issues you have identified A proposal for short, medium and long-term improvements to address the strategic, quality and operational performance issues identified. An indication of an appropriate time frame for change should be included.  15%
Task 4. Details of performance managementWhich, how and where, you would suggest using performance measures to help manage the change/improvement programme Appropriateness of the performance measures suggested and identification of intended value of individual measures to the overall improvement strategy.  15%
Task 5. How New World Innovations will manage the implementation of your short, medium and long term improvement proposals. Appropriateness of change management theory and practical considerations effecting the organisation, tasks and staff. (10%)

Assignment 3 ICT710

Change in Organisations (Task 5)

  • Assignment essentially about change
  • What does change mean to organisations and individuals?
  • Can you apply change mgt theory to your report?
  • Leavitt’s interactive model (People, Task, Technology, Structure)
  • Lewin’s three stage approach (Unfreeze, Change, Refreeze)
  • Resistance to change
  • Lewin’s Force Field Analysis
  • How change is managed

A brief overview of ‘Change Management’ will be presented in Workshop 2

What are the main issues for Stella Hull Associates?

  • Understanding New World Innovations operating environment, particular who they are, what they offer and is it relevant in the current business environment.
  • What is New World Innovations main focus (growth, quality, price, customers int/ext, operations, equity shareholders, staff). Does New World Innovations have a defined strategy and does it have a supporting culture?
  • What are the relationships between all the actors, functions/departments?
  • What are the specific performance issues? What are the cause(s)?
  • What are the specific quality issues? What are the cause(s)?
  • What is the quality ethos and how does it play out in reality? Do New World Innovations have a quality system if so can it be described?
  • How does New World Innovations measure strategic, operational and quality performance?
  • What easy solutions can be recommended ASAP (quick wins)?

What other issues need addressing by Stella Hull Associates?

  • Consider: people, technology, system/processes, organisational structure, culture – integrated holistic approach
  • Strategic focus – what is it, do they have one?
  • ‘Change’: priorities, drivers, resistance, mgt of change
  • Improvement strategies: current, recommended (CI or Breakthrough/Radical). Clear business reasons linked to strategy,  recommendations must be appropriate based on SMART objectives

Assignment 2 ICT710

Report Format[1]

  • Formal Business Report to New World Innovations Board of Directors
  • Group discretion regards format, however must include:
    • Front Cover
    • Contents Page
    • Executive Summary
    • Introduction
    • Main Findings
    • Conclusions and Recommendations
    • References
    • Appendices
  • Main Findings to include all five tasks
  • Consider how you will present short, medium and long term plan for improvements (refer to last paragraph of case study – page 4)
  • Consider how you will present your analysis? Within main findings or in appendices or a mix between both.

Report Format[2]

Suggested word count weightings

Executive Summary:                                                                       150 words

Introduction:                                                                                     250 words

Main Findings:                                                                                   4200 words

Conclusions and Recommendations:                                       400 words

Cover Page

Contents Page                  Not included in word count



(analysis evidence)

Group Expectations

For session W/C 5th March, groups to prepare a general outline of the main themes you will concentrate on, including any supporting theories, models, frameworks and concepts:

i.e.   PESTLE; Porter’s 5 Forces; Product/Service Portfolio Analysis; Stakeholder Analysis; McKinsey 7; EVR Congruence (strategic drift etc); SWOT; Value Chain; TQM; Quality performance/measures, Improvement performance/measurement, change management theory – link these tools to each assignment task

What other tools may help i.e. fishbone analysis, polar diagrams, pareto analysis

This list is only for illustration, you may include anything from the module content providing it is relevant and supports the report findings.

BSBADM502 Manage Meetings

Internal analysis Internal customer concept

  • Can you identify the key staff and relationships?
  • Can you identify the ‘shared values’?
  • Can you link above with New world Innovations current performance?


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