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Reflective Essay of Pengyu Zhao

Introduction Ethics are important principles and values that guide individuals to differentiate between right and wrong. In every sphere of life, one needs to adopt an ethical approach so that the best and most suitable decisions can be taken that can benefit all the involved participants. A particular debate situation has been taken into consideration in the reflective essay so that an ethical approach can be adopted(Burnham, 1968). The industries that offer products or services that are known..Readmore

Media Professionals

Introduction The media is a critical field of operation since professionals need to explore the media content, analyze the same, and adopt professional practices and creativity to draw attention to key themes and issues that appear in the community. In the current setting, the role of media is signi..Readmore

Managing Knowledge and Information Systems Sample

Question - Introduction: The necessity for change and the need for adapting to change is profoundly associated with the influence of the large-scale globalization observed throughout the world. The changes are..Readmore

BIT354: Network Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Sample

Question - Executive Summary The report encompasses the process of installing a computer system. The report also elaborates on the procedures for hardening the operating system to prevent security breaches and other..Readmore

Occupational Therapy Sample

Question Introduction: Professional development has become a mandatory aspect of every service industry owing to the gradual changes in the global economy, the transformation of lifestyles and the frequently changing demographics of the global pop..Readmore


Comparison between Samsung and APPLE Question Introduction Samsung is one of the most leading Multi-national South Korean Companies, which was founded in the year 1938. The company was meant to be a trading organization, but, la..Readmore

HI6008 Assessment Two Business Research Literature Review

Literature Review is to be submitted by Friday 4pm in Week 6. This will consist of developing a comprehensive literature review chapter for the business research proposal. You will have to identify a business research topic, describe the literature on the research topic and provide hypotheses based..Readmore