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International Business Finance

BilT is an Australian company that produces body care products. Founded in 1965, the company has grown from a small family business to a medium-sized corporation with around 500 employees and more than 100 stores spread all over Australia. The company is contemplating establishing a subsidiary in Argentina, the first step to becoming a leading brand in South America. The subsidiary will initially operate for a period of 5 years, with a decision by BilT of whether or not to carry on with the fore..Readmore

HI6006 Competitive Strategy Individual

HI6006 - Second Tutorial Submission Specifications Purpose The purpose of the Tutorial Submission is to ensure that students have familiarised themselves with the Competitive Strategy lectures of weeks 7-11 and are able to apply the strategy models to the cases discussed in Tutorials of week 7,8,9,1..Readmore

HI5013 Managing Across Borders

Purpose: This assignment is designed to assess your level of knowledge of the key topics covered in this unit – HI5013 – Managing Across Borders. Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1. Critically evaluate the impact of globalization, organisations and their management; 2. Utilise different perspectives..Readmore

HI6005 Managing Organisations in a Global Environment

Purpose of the assessment and linkage to ULO Student is required to answer 5 questions from the pre-recorded tutorial questions every week from Week 7 to Week 11. The following Unit Learning Outcomes is applicable to this assessment: - Analyse complex problems relating to Management and Organisation..Readmore

MBA402 Sustainability Assessment

Subject Name: Governance, Ethics and Sustainability Your Task You are required to watch the following YouTube clips from the GRI Secretariat: 1. The GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards: The Future of Reporting 2. Introducing the GRI Standards h..Readmore

MBA501 Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation

Assessment Title: Business Portfolio Analysis & Disruptive Innovation Assessment task You are required to review an organisation case study, including information about the organisation’s internal structure, market research techniques, and the approach to R&D. The case study will also includ..Readmore

BSBHRM501 Manage Human Resources Services Assessment

Research Report Instructions For this task, you must research each of the topics provided, and complete a detailed report on your findings. You are to write a report detailing how you would manage human resource services in the workplace. For this assessment, you will require access to a workplace o..Readmore