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ECO82001 – ECONOMICS AND QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS SHORT WRITTEN RESPONSES -- MACROECONOMICS WORD LIMIT: 250 words (max.) for each question WEIGHTING: 25% Instructions Prepare short written responses for the following five (5) questions. Answers for each question must not exceed 250 words. Question 1 (5 marks) Explain why real GDP might be an unreliable indicator of the standard of living. Question 2 (5 marks) Why does unemployment arise and what makes some unemployment unavoidable? Question 3 (5 ma..Readmore

Unit 2: Principles of Health and Social Care Practice

Unit 2: Principles of Health and Social Care Practice HNC/HND Health and Social Care Management Unit Name: Principles of Health and Social Care Practice. Unit 2. Unit Code: Y/601/1566 Student Name: Student Number: Assessor: Date issued to student Date for submission to Tutor Submitted on Assignment..Readmore


Assessment Item 2 Business Proposal PRB001-Assessment-02             Due date:   Week 5 (Friday, midnight, Darwin Time) Value: 25% Length: Maximum 2000 words Task: Write a business proposal for an organisation or business based in Australia. You may have any of the following perspectives: Focus on a..Readmore

Unit 16: Understanding Specific Needs in Health and Social Care

Unit 16: Understanding Specific Needs in Health and Social Care HND Assignment Brief Programme Title: CPK 36 Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Health and Social Care Recommended Word limit: Maximum 3,500 This Unit will be assessed by assignment You are strongly advised to read “Preparation guideli..Readmore

Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) Assignment 2 Description of topic: Engaging and motivating employees is at the centre of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) practices. It is therefore important to identify the organisational practices that can be used to foster the cognitive, emoti..Readmore

MGMT6012 Management Perspectives

MGMT6012 Management Perspectives ASSESSMENT BRIEF Subject Code and Title MGMT6012 Management Perspectives Assessment Assignment Two: Management Research Individual/Group Individual Length 2000 Word Limit Learning Outcomes • Understand the nature of naturally occurring data and how this can be object..Readmore

Assessments – Task 2: BSBLDR501

Assessments - Task 2: BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence Task 2 - Respond to emotional intelligence case study Performance objective  You will demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed to recognize and appreciate the emotional strengths of others in the workplace.  Assessment descrip..Readmore