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Strategy in Practice Project

Assessment Criteria:
The following scale for the unweighted raw score will be used to assess the various criteria: 0 = Did not demonstrate; 1 = Extremely poor; 2 = Very poor; 3 = Poor; 4 = Below average; 5 = Average; 6 = Reasonable but still contains some flaws; 7 = Good; 8 = Very good; 9 = Excellent work 10 = Outstanding work – could not be improved.
Assume the position of an independent advertising management consultant, who has been asked by the featured company to recommend a course of action. Although issues of branding and advertising strategy may be relevant, you are NOT required to provide advertising executions.
Please note the following:
 Your Report is to be typed.
 Analyze this case using the case study method.
 1500 WORD MAXIMUM (note exclusions to the word limit are: Exec summary, contents page, reference list and genuine tables)
 External research is not required but may assist with your situation analysis – Make sure you reference other author’s work.
 Clearly state in your any assumptions you make.
 Use of tools discussed in class is recommended and rewarded – iePorters 5 force model, PLC, Folio matrix, Goleman’s EQ, Wilson matrix, Hersey & Blanchards leadership model, etc.
 Due Date: printed report to your couse leader on 26 th August 2015 in class and submit through turnitin.

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