Conceptualising Leadership in Healthcare – Assignment 2: Reflective Practice

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Conceptualising Leadership in Healthcare - Assignment 2: Reflective Practice


Conceptualising Leadership in Healthcare – Assignment 2: Reflective Practice

Word guide: 750

This assignment is to be submitted as a self-development plan.

Assignment Brief

For detailed instructions on completing this assignment, see the associated course page.

This assignment requires you to present a self-development plan demonstrating how you will use the knowledge acquired in weeks 1-6 of the module to enhance your leadership of healthcare.

For this assignment you will need to consider how you will present you plan to have impact, motivating you to complete it. You should be able to demonstrate learning from the course to date and how you will apply this to further develop yourself as a leader. Include consideration of support you will need to achieve your plan and where you will obtain this from. The plan should demonstrate you have reflected on your own strengths and weaknesses in considering what further you could do to become a more effective leader.

Your plan should not exceed 750 words in total (+/-10%). You may wish to present this as a narrative or a table or a chart or you may choose visual presentation to assist you in conveying the learning intend to take forward in your development.

All referenced work should be obtained from credible sources such as academic journals and textbooks.

All written work must be in line with Harvard referencing.

Reference lists and any appendices/additional documents will not be included in your final word count.

This activity will be graded and you will receive feedback on it. The assessment is worth 25% of the marks for this module. The following rubric is provided to help you understand how you will be graded:
Element included % of marks awarded
Clarity of structure shown in development of plan 15%
Evidence of critical appraisal of the material from the module and insight into how knowledge gained can be applied to enhance leadership skills in practice 50%
Demonstration of the contextual benefits expected from inclusion of the actions in the plan 20%
Self-reflection on the support required to achieve the development goals 15%

Essential reading

Mullins, L. (2016) Organisational Behaviour in the workplace (12th Edition) Pearson Ed.

Other indicative reading

Reynolds, M (2013) The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers inc
Thompson, S. and Thompson, N. (2018) The Critically Reflective Practitioner (2nd Edition). London: Palgrave Macmillan
Whitmore, J. (2017) Coaching for Performance (5th edition) London: Hodder and Stoughton
Journal of Healthcare Leadership
Leadership in Health Services
BMJ Leader



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