Conflict management in a team

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Unit 5: Aspects of Contract & Negligence

Conflict management in a work team

Effective conflict management can be effectively done orally thru negotiation. However, this calls for integrity where involved parties have to bear the truth about the matter. This is done by identifying the signs of conflict and the origins that will determine the best means for preventing it. A leader involved in conflict resolution should have good communication skills that will help the conflicting parties find a long-term solution. etiquette communication is the key factor here. Another measure to conflict management is understanding the kind of conflict between parties hence devising simpler ways to curb it. so as to prevent conflicts in an organization, a leader should avoid their commanding nature. This will help reduce employees’ tempers (Mckibben,2017).

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The virtue of integrity is of great value to individuals in a team. This will help eradicate doubts over
important thoughts. Conflicts can be well managed properly when the individual’s agreeableness is high. This is saying the mutual understanding among employees or individuals is high such that if anyone
gives a suggestion no one opposes. such an environment will suit all individuals whereby all members are free to raise ideas without hesitation (Wei,2020). for individuals to arrive at a

Conflict management in a work team

A certain level of understanding there should be agreeableness over pending issues. Hence understanding leads to agreeability. Extreme conflict relations lead to distrust, tension and hostility which in turn requires below zero consultation. This is to say that the mediating party needs no information for the consulting parties. This calls for a smart team system (Vealey,2017). Below zero consultation is the best conflict management measure. The third party introduced to the conflict arena has no idea over the involved parties, hence can sort out dysfunctions easily. This measure does not involve any hatred between parties.

Assessment 1: Critical Review


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