Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses

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Case Study Analysis Sample

Case Study

Question 1:

  • Explain the planning process adopted by managers in organisations.
  • The planning process depicted as Exhibit 5.1 on page 75 of the MGMT2 textbook (link to diagram provided below) may serve as an example or guideline model. However, you may decide to research other credible sources of information and include these in your answer.
  • Your response should be no less than 900 words and no more than 1100 words).
  • You are required to structure your answer using the DEAL method of paragraph construction (provided below).
    D – Define/describe the key concept in the form of a topic sentence
    E – Explain/expand on the topic sentence by drawing on sources from the literature
    A – Apply the relevant frameworks, analyse the alternatives and assess their relevance by providing examples
    L – Link the discussion above to the topic being addressed in the next paragraph
    (or conclude the discussion for the final paragraph)

Then, watch the interview with Steve Plarre, CEO Operations, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses by clicking on the 'Task 2 Case Study Video' link provided below.
It is recommended that you ‘right click’ on the video link and open in a new window.
Also, visit their website at: http://www.fergusonplarre.com.au/
Following this, answer the questions below:

Question 2:
Provide a brief summary of Ferguson Plarre’s organisational history. (180 to 220 words)

Question 3:
Describe Ferguson Plarre’s approach to goal setting. (135 to 165 words)

Question 4:
How does Ferguson Plarre track progress toward goal achievement? (135 to 165 words)

Additional notes:

  • Identifying and including sources beyond the video and website is encouraged.
  • Title page, table of contents and executive summary is NOT required.
  • Total word count is no less than 1350 words and no more than 1650 words (not including the Reference List).
  • Please start a new page for each question
  • Please provide the question at the top of the page like a heading (this will not be included in your word count)
  • Please provide a Reference List on a new page at the end of your responses
  • Please provide your text in Times New Roman 12 Font with 1.5 line spacing
  • Reference List text should be single spacing
  • Please adopt the Harvard style referencing (see attached guidelines)
  • USC Harvard Referencing Guide.pdf
  • Questions 2, 3 & 4 need to reference the video and the website as follows:
  • Please provide your full name and student ID number as a header
  • Please provide page numbers as a footer
  • Please label your assignment using the following convention:
  • BUS104_AT2_<your name>
  • The assignment will be assessed according to the criteria and rubric provided below
  • BUS104 AT2 Case Study Rubric Results & Feedback.docx
  • Submit your assignment by clicking on the 'Task 2' link below
  • The instructions above are available in a printable version. Just click on the link below
  • Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses Task Two Assignment Questions.pdf
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