HC2022 Marketing Research Assignment 1

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HC2022 Market Research Assignment 1 – Individual Report

JWS Research is an independent, privately owned Sydney-based marketing research consultancy. The company is considering new technologies in order to enhance their marketing research capability and provide a more efficient and accurate service for their clients. The client base of JWS currently includes ACT Government, Cancer Institute NSW, Government of South Australia, and Gold Coast Airport. JWS intends to join the early- adopters of data analytics technology users with the major source of data being social media.

HC2022 Marketing Research Assignment 1

JWS has no detailed knowledge of how this technology works and have asked you to prepare a report entitled:

“The impact of technology on marketing research in today’s business environment.”

This report should be addressed to the Executive Management Team of MRC.

The aim is to identify what the company stands to benefit if they adopt these new technologies and try to persuade the Executive Team to make a decision to do so.

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Due Date: Week 6 – Friday at 11.59 PM Format:

Please use a Report format with relevant headings, typed in Times New Roman 12 point font, with 1.5 line spacing.

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Marking Criteria

Executive Summary 3  
Main body (showing evidence of your understanding of Marketing Research and the potential role for data analytics based on social media), with appropriate in-text referencing  





Language 2  
Layout and professionalism 2  
Referencing (in-text and bibliography)  


Total 20  


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