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5Z7V0035 Logistics and Supply Chain Practices


In this session, I have had such a great time developing the assessment “the advantages and disadvantages of using social networks in business” and I am very glad that it has been such a great learning experience for both my future and those who will read and assess this assignment. From the very beginning, the problem-based learning assessment appears like an innovative and educative proposal. Along with this, it can be stated that the learning is completely student-centred and the assessment is promoting significant learning as well as developing the number of important skills and abilities in the recent professional surrounding. While performing this particular project, the achievements of the ultimate objective have motivated me in a variety of ways and as a result, I find it very interesting to do more such projects accordingly. 

Searching For Evidence

The learning experience has a great value in my future provision. This particular assignment has the ability to simulate real-life situations that I have encountered. On the other hand, the experience creates a high level of relevancy, information retention and engagement with several other projects.  With this experience, I intend to accommodate different learning styles. In this situation, I want to add that, these learning practices help me to spend my time in some effective, enjoyable and memorable ways and that increase my experiences on this ground. More importantly, I want to state that, I become able to identify my strengths and areas for improvement

My main objective while developing this learning assessment was to identify how social media can be a useful tool for business growth. For this purpose, I confined myself to the findings of several existing literature of the particular ground. Along with this, I focus on various newspapers, journals and online articles in order to gain my knowledge on recent statistics of organisational growth in terms of financial profitability after implementation of social media sites into their regular work environment. From these studies, I came to know that, how the world of business is being affected by online platforms. Thus, all such findings help me to improve my knowledge and so I have had a great course while performing this study. 

HI5020 Corporate Accounting

The learning assessment had provided me with an environment where I was able to share my knowledge in a unique way with a group of other students. While performing this study, I had to attend various field trips, events, activities and other educational programs. While attending such programs many professors and lecturers provided us with many classes on the topic where I was able to improve my learning ability and skills. On the other hand, as I performed this assessment in a group, I was able to criticize my own knowledge with the help of information and the interest of other students. Along with this, my other group members and professors referred to my names of various books and websites from where I was able to collect information and data regarding the topic. Thus, I want to state here that, such experience influences me to attend more workshops and conferences in order to improve my skills and abilities. 

Economics for Business

In the assignment named “the advantages and disadvantages of social media sites in the business”, I have researched much-existing literature along with various online articles, newspapers, books and journals. Thus, my assignment holds all the recent statistics and data about the business growth of these organisations that implement social media sites in their regular work environment. As a result, my assignment has the potential that, other researchers can consider my paper for future provision. In addition, I have worked on many organisations that consider various new strategies to retain customers and stakeholders. Therefore, my paper will be helpful for many organisations who want to take new strategies for their business growth and to have a competitive advantage in the intensely competitive market. 

It is certain that student life will be affected very much after doing their projects and assignments. It is very critical to demonstrate all the ways through which a student’s life is mostly affected. While developing my assignment, I got connected with many professors and lecturers who influenced me very much to do the assignment with ease. It has enhanced my experience and knowledge and helped me to connect with various opportunities and resources that in general would be difficult for me otherwise. On the other hand, while collecting various data and information regarding the topic, I take interviews of managers of many organizations. It has enhanced my flexibility while speaking with higher authorities of several renowned companies. Along with this, I want to state here that, many managers and employees primarily rejected me to give interviews. Therefore, I had to convince them and state the reason for that interview. All these have enhanced my confidence level while talking to higher authorities.  Besides these, I came to know how an organisation practices social media sites into their regular activities in achieving profits and customer retention. All these have changed my thinking and perceptions towards society and the world of business.

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I am very glad to share my knowledge about my performance while performing the study. I had confronted many opportunities along with various difficulties. I had to attend a number of campuses, seminars along with workshops and events. While attending such activities, all professors behaved with us very friendly and familiarly. This has improved the strong bonding between teachers and students. Along with this, I performed the assignment in a group that helps me to understand how to develop a team to perform good quality work. On the other hand, while developing the literature section of the assignment, I had to collect a number of existing literature on the concerned topic. All these books helped to gain my capability and knowledge on the topic. On the other hand, I had to meet a number of managers and employees in order to gather the information that is more relevant on the particular topic. Hence, at an initial stage, they rejected to respond to me back but after getting the actual reason of the research, they provide me with relevant information. As a result, I was able to improve my communication skills along with flexibility while speaking. Besides these, such assignments taught us to improve our experience through the lens of confidence and positivity.  

MN507 Software Engineering

The aim of the research is to contextualize all the findings within the larger body of the study. The business research that I have done must always be top-quality to produce knowledge, which can be applied outside of the study. On the other hand, while performing the study, I have learnt the recent market status of the various new and existing companies and the reason why those companies are turning towards the implementation of social media sites into their practices. Along with this, I have learnt how to handle a team and how to perform a group project. This is because; I had to do the job within a team. A learning assessment has the potential to teach one how to manage allocated time to complete a task. Therefore, I had learnt how to manage time and budget while performing research. I was able to manage my allocated time and budget with quality work. 

In recent times, it can be found that organisations are trying to change their work practices in order to have business growth in terms of financial profitability. Such a crisis brings the concept of incorporation of social media sites into the regular workplace environment of organisations and such incorporation has completely changed the market of organisations who incorporate such online platforms into their business practices. This is the actual reason behind the performance of the particular study. On the other hand, at the initial stage, I had done part 1 of the assignment on the topic. This is because; it would help me to identify the actual purposes of my selected topic. Along with this, the particular part helps me to understand whether my chosen areas are correct or not. After this, I had done the literature part that helps me to build opportunities for further study regarding the topic. 

MBA402 Governance, Ethics, and Sustainability

I have performed this study by collecting information from recent newspapers, journals and online articles. In addition, all the data are gathered from the relevant sources. Therefore, it can be stated that the study is relevant and accurate. In addition, connection with other literature helps me to get more information on the topic that helps me in my future profession. On the other hand, I feel that all the hypotheses and information are correct on their own ground. Therefore, other researchers can consider it for their future studies. Moreover, it can be stated that all the practices and experiences that I have learned and gathered while performing the study will help me in my future profession. This is because; this study helps me to improve my effective communication skills along with my knowledge on the recent condition of the market in this particular ground. 

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