MN4062 – Principles of Management

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MN4062 - Principles of Management

Portfolio – 1,500 words essay

Note: The portfolio contains two parts, and both need to be included in this submission.

Portfolio Part A: Reflective paper comparing traditional and contemporary approaches of management

  • Write a short reflective paper based on the content covered in weeks 1 to 6 by comparing traditional (classical) and contemporary approaches of management.
  • Recommended word count: 500 words
    (please note the overall word limit of 1,500 words for parts A and B in this portfolio)

Learning Outcome (LO)
LO1: Identify major developments in the history of managerial thought
LO2: Understand the impact between classical and contemporary approaches to management

Your task:
In this part of the portfolio your academic essay should:
Compare classical and contemporary approaches of management as discussed in the Competing Values Framework by clearly showing the knowledge you gained in the lectures/seminars and by including the literature recommended.

You will have received formative feedback by completing the weekly quizzes on WebLearn about your knowledge about the discussed topics and your essay writing.

Assessment criteria:

  • Presents an understanding of the historical development of management theory by using the Competing Values Framework.
  • Discusses management theories and compares approaches.
  • Presents work clearly and accurately using the appropriate personal expression and organisational form (ie follows recommended structure, uses third person to refer to information from literature and references sources correctly by using the Harvard Referencing System).

Portfolio part B: Individual Paper based on group project

  • Write an academic essay based on the content (weeks 8 to 12) and experiences (group presentation and own behaviours) by using teamwork and motivational theories and the Competing Values Framework.
  • Recommended word count: 1,000 words
    (please note the overall word limit of 1,500 words for parts A and B in this portfolio)

Learning outcome (LO):
LO3: Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of teams and motivational theories reflect on own management and employability skills
LO4: Demonstrate understanding of the key skills required in becoming a manager

Your task:
This part of the portfolio is based on a group presentation (formative assessment), which you carried out during the semester. Should you have not taken part in this you can use any experience from a different presentation to reflect on.

  1. By looking back at the experience of the group presentation, write a reflection on your group work using teamwork (see week 8) and motivational theories (see week 10).
  2. Based on the information you gathered about your own actions in this process: How would you describe yourself using and developing the Managerial Competencies from the CVF (discussed in week 9)?

Assessment criteria:

РExplains in depths how content and process theories can be used to improve motivation and productivity in a team.
– Describes very relevant and theoretically sound techniques to improve teamwork by using the literature used in class.
– Application of the CVF, referring to own actions and behaviours in a very reflective manner.
Structure, referencing, research.

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