Nursing – Structure and Dynamics of Organizational Systems

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Structure and Dynamics of Organizational Systems paper instructions.

For the below assignment I chose Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida. Their website is Or you can put Tampa General Hospital into a search engine.

Nursing - Structure and Dynamics of Organizational Systems

In this written assignment, select a healthcare system or facility. You may use the internet to identify the system or facility.

It can be acute care or long term care, profit or not for profit but do select one that provides client care services in your community. Write a 2 page paper that responds to the following:

  1. Identify the facility and provide a brief background (history, accreditation, etc.)
  2. Discuss the services offered and, if possible, how the organization is structured.
  3. Identify the populations it serves.
  4. Share the facility’s vision, mission, philosophy and values.
  5. Discuss the kind of care you believe would be provided based on the vision, mission, philosophy, values, services provided and populations served.
  6. Describe the challenges you believe the facility might have in providing this care.

This assignment must have accurate spelling and grammar and use APA Editorial Format for sources and reference.

Scoring Rubric: Structure and Dynamics of Organizational Systems

Nursing – Health of infants

Criteria Points
Identify facility and brief background 1
Services offered and population served 1
Vision, mission, philosophy, values identified 2
Kind of care provided based on vision, mission, philosophy and values 3
Challenges providing care 2
Accurate grammar and spelling/APA 1
Total 10



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