SCO-20040 City, Culture, Society

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DIM22102 Fundamentals of Business Management Practice

One completed Google Doc Form on the KLE and one electronic copy are required Presentation and referencing
Your work should:
– Not include your name anywhere on the electronic document you submit to Turnitin
– Be font size 12
– Use page numbers on each page
– Be correctly spelled, clearly written, and grammatically correct
– Include the module title and full title on the front page
– Include your student number and the module number as a ‘header’ on every page and include your disability sticker information if you would normally use this
– Be appropriately referenced in Harvard style, using guidance from the Sociology Handbook (also available in the ‘Assessment Information’ section of the KLE).

Worth 80% of the total module mark.

It is not permitted to complete written work on the same topic that you have done previously, if you are unsure please check with your tutor in good time to be able to complete your assessment.

3000 word project.

The project is an opportunity for you to engage in a small research project the aim of which is to develop and deliver a short but detailed comparative analysis focussed on an aspect of the urban.

The project should be a comparative analysis of, for example:

  • two cities in the same or different countries/regions in the same time period
  • OR two areas within a city (for example two distinct residential districts or a residential area and a commercial or business district)
  • OR a city in two distinct time periods.

The project provides you with the opportunity to select a city or cities to research and write a detailed and analytical comparison which incorporates theoretical perspectives, empirical data and substantive discussion.

The aim is to provide a report that compares and contrasts the similarities and differences between your chosen areas, cities or time periods.

The choice of cities and how you approach the comparative analysis is for you to choose BUT you should discuss this and your ideas of what you wish to cover with the module leader.

The project should be based on the plan you submitted and accommodate the feedback given as well as consultation with the module leader.

How you structure the final presentation of the project will reflect your use of both theory and empirical evidence.

Themes and issues covered in the project are specific to your chosen areas of investigation as well as the city or cities, areas, time periods etc.

You may also want to consider carefully how you present your project. For example:

  • the use of tables and diagrams are good ways of presenting numerical data on for example demographic changes.
  • Maps are good ways of representing the areas or cities under discussion.
  • Photographs can be useful in illustrating specific features of the city/urban (for example, architecture, urban design, city life, etc.)

Please consult you tutor about the best ways of using these in your final project as well as how to reference and cite them.

You MUST demonstrate detailed knowledge and understanding, coherent and rigorous analysis that is supported and substantiated by the effective and relevant use of theories covered in the module as well as by city-specific information and data by and through which the comparative analysis is conducted.

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