SPO2020 – Fitness Training Methods

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Contemporary Developments in Business and Management Assignment

Submission guidance

1. This assignment must be submitted electronically by 11.59pm on the submission date. You must
upload your work to the ‘Submit your work’ folder within the NILE/Blackboard module concerned.
2. You can resubmit your work as many times as you like until the deadline. If you choose to resubmit,
your earlier submission will be replaced – you will NOT receive an Originality Report until 24 hours
from when the submission was made. Do NOT leave it until the last minute to submit as there may be
a delay due to the volume of students submitting work.
3. If submitting through Turnitin, you will be emailed a digital receipt as proof of submission; please
keep this for reference.
4. You are reminded of the University’s policy regulations on academic misconduct and plagiarism – In
submitting your assignment, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these
5. Late submission within seven days of the deadline will result in the mark being capped at a bare pass.
Beyond this time the work will not be marked.
6. Please ensure that you have read the assignment brief thoroughly and included all elements stated
within. You are reminded that it is your responsibility to keep an electronic copy of your assignment
for future reference.
This piece of work will be marked anonymously. Work that is marked anonymously should contain neither
the student name or number anywhere on the submission. Further guidance is available online.

Assessment and feedback:

You will be assessed on your ability to successfully address specified module learning outcomes (please refer to
the attached marking rubric for a breakdown of how the learning outcomes will be assessed). Feedback on the
academic and professional quality of the submission will be provided no later than four working weeks from
the due date. Guidance on how to view your Turnitin grade and feedback is available online.
This assignment assesses the following learning outcomes:
c. Develop their ability to apply aspects of the theory surrounding Fitness Training
Methods between specific populations.
d. Explore and identify the ethical issues associated with the performance assessment of
athletes or special populations and the construction of specific training programmes for
these individuals.
f. Develop, evaluate and present knowledge during contact sessions and through the
module coursework

Assignment task:
Title: ES2 Marathon Periodisation Plan
A female marathon runner wants to prepare for an England squad place and needs clock a qualifying time of 2:31:00,
the athlete requires a periodised training programme to facilitate this goal.
Explain the structural components of a periodised training programme and outline a specific macro-cycle training
programme for the athlete. Provide a detailed review of a preparatory phase meso-cycle. Evaluate the expected
adaptations and ethical issues associated with the proposed preparatory meso-cycle.

Please refer to the assignment guidance outlined below for further details and explanation.
Assignment guidance:
You should consider the following when preparing your submission:
This will be a 2000-word report which will be used to construct a specific annual training program and discuss the
associated physiological adaptations and issues throughout a specific mesocycle.
Your report should cover
 An introduction/overview to periodisation (i.e, explaining the concepts related to periodisation, periodisation
hierarchy [annual, macrocyce, mesocycle, microcycle, training day, training session])
 The training programme macrocycle outline, rationale for specific fitness assessments, structure and content
of the preparatory phase mesocycle
 The associated adaptations and ethical issues of the training during the preparatory mesocycle
 Conclusions
 Referencing, Punctuation, Grammar, Spelling and Presentation
Academic Practice

o Please ensure that you read the university guidelines regarding plagiarism, collusion, and academic
practice that are provided in your student handbook.

 Suggested Initial Readings

Please refer to the module reading list available on NILE there are sections on;
Periodisation, Strength/Anaerobic/Aerobic training and Ethical Considerations

Feedback Actions
Please include a summary of the tutor action points from your previous submission[s] for this module (if this is not your first
submission) and identify what you have done to act upon the feedback received within your submission:
Example – Key action points (max. 3) from previous submission[s] and actions taken:

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