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Relationship between Work and Non- Work

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Introduction: The present level of competitiveness in the business world is reflective of the concerns for maintaining an appropriate interface between professional and family life. Employees should maintain a coherent relationship between professional and personal aspects of their life to accomplish the proper balance between work-family and family-work should be supported by the motivation, productivity, […]

MIS610 Advanced Professional Practice

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Professional Practice Poster The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include: a) Investigate and reflect on the role of a Business Analyst (or chosen career path) in the contemporary business environment and society more broadly. Assessment Task Create a 500 words Professional Practice Poster by conducting an audit of your skills […]

MIS609 Data Management and Analytics

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Case Study Report: Data Management The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include: a) Demonstrate an understanding of the broad concepts of data management. b) Demonstrate how to manage data within organisations, teams and projects. Investigate techniques on how to collect, store, clean and manipulate data. c) Explore data management techniques […]

Aging Population

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In most economically developing and developed countries, older adults represent the fastest-growing segment of the population. Social relationships are understood in terms of social participation, social support, and social networks. The benefits and costs of strong social relationships for well-being operate through physiological, behavioural, and psychological mechanisms (Tough, Siegrist, and Fekete 15). Tough, Siegrist, and […]

Reflection On Chapter 7

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In the chapter 7 reading exercise, I derived several important lessons that were worth noting. One of the concepts I picked was motivation. Motivation refers to the processes that account for an individual’s enthusiasm, energy level, commitment and the amount of creativity and effort of an employee towards attaining the organizational goals. Employee motivation is […]


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Introduction  The report will intend to estimate respective categories of economizing data in association with the multinational and organisational contexture. The report will allow riveting on handing a deep conception of the market structure in which Mark and Spencer operate. The report will additionally attempt to dissect the characteristics of the market architecture. grounded on […]

Big Data Project Analysis

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Task 1 Introduction  Two systems which are scholarly and actual that oversee anyway amount of data region unit spent, dealt with, kept, progressed, and recovered is supposed as colossal information plan. Exactness agribusiness (PA) manages the study of developing yield reaps and serving choices of the management utilizing high innovation sensors and apparatuses to play […]