An International Business Plan

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Unit 5: Aspects of Contract & Negligence

M&S Textiles Australia is a manufacturer of quality cotton fabrics. Due to increased competition from cheaper imported goods, the company is contemplating the establishment of a manufacturing plant in Asia to reduce the cost of manufacturing at home. The company has identified the Philippines as a potential country for the establishment of an overseas manufacturing plant. As a complement to the current production in Australia, this new facility will supply products to customers around the world (including Australia), but it will not sell products itself. The headquarters of M&S Australia is responsible for sales and marketing at home and abroad.

You, as the task force of the International Business Department in M&S Australia, are required to make a MARKET ENTRY STRATEGY 

Just write about the market entry strategy and structure (Don’t include any irrelevant point to MARKET ENTRY STRATEGY)

In preparing your report, you are required to link your arguments to the course content, and to use relevant data to support your suggestions such as why you would choose this entry mode. 


  • Be aware that the assignment is in the style of a report
  • You may use both real information of M&S Textiles Australia and “presumed” information to complement the real information for supporting your arguments. Wherever “presumed” information is used, some reasonable justification is required
  • All resources used in your report must be dated no earlier than 2010, and no updated resources may be used
  • Your arguments should be based on facts and evidence. So it is important that you have used relevant reports, articles, and figures from reliable and reputable sources 
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